Best Backyard BBQ Sauce (2/5)

Well…  If this is the best backyard BBQ, then I’m done with BBQ and backyards.  🙂 It is relatively clear that this sauce is the product of a search engine optimizer versus a lover of sauce.  For one, if they were going to produce a “best backyard BBQ” sauce, then their best bet would have been to produce something closer to a Sweet Baby Ray’s because everyone loves that sugary stuff.   Second, their “best backyard LLC” and “best backyard BBQ rubs” and “best backyard BBQ recipes” also smell of search engine and not of true barbecue passion.

Mustard sauces are hard to get right.  There’s only a few I’ve tasted that do a nice job of balancing that tart, tangy sensation of mustard and vinegar with a subtle hint of sweet – but not so much to turn it into honey mustard salad dressing…   This one, for examples, misses the mark.  It starts out great – nice bottle, a small number of decent looking ingredients, and the front telling me all of the flavors of that sauce inside.  But bold and tangy and smoky and spicy and sweet all in one sauce – I’ve only really seen that done one place effectively (Dinosaur BBQ), whereas many have tried and failed.  I didn’t taste any spicy or smoky, and the mustard and soy sauce and creamy butter combination was almost unpalatable.  Adding butter is a bit peculiar to me – I can see how it adds a nice sheen in the product photos – but sometimes too much of something (like butter) is just too much.

I thought the copywriting had a bit too much hyperbole … “try our product on everything – it makes EVERYTHING better” – instead try to give a little more focus on meats that might bring out the best in the sauce.

Low carb, few ingredients, looks ok from here – except that damn butter.

Color is reminiscent of a brown mustard.  Consistency is similar to bottled mustard as well.

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