Blue Ribbon Carolina BBQ Sauce (4/5)



A great tasting BBQ sauce from a great BBQ joint in Massachusetts (yes that’s where I’m writing from).  This hits the mark with a combination of great taste, smell, and packaging.  I love the tallboy-style glass bottle for BBQ sauces.

I was a little surprised at how thin it was (not the best for backyard grillers) and the fact that they felt the need to put in some artificial coloring (update 1/17/2012: there is no longer any artificial coloring in this sauce)  Regardless this is excellent on a pulled pork sandwich to put on a plate and dip your cornbread into it.  Try it in person – the next time you are near Arlington or Newton MA.

Smell 4
Taste 5
Consistency 3
Ingredients 3
Label and marketing 5

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  1. Label and marketing? Who cares about the darn label and marketing?

    • The manufacturers who submit the sauce appreciate my comments about the label and marketing for the most part. Thanks for stopping by Rick – any sauces you would like to see reviewed, let me know.

  2. We appreciate that you made the effort to review our sauce and thank you for your comments. One correction that needs to be made is that there is no artificial anything in our sauce. In fact our sauce is all natural and on the shelves of several Whole Foods in the Greater Boston area. I’m sorry that I’m late to the game regarding this review but better late than never when it comes to getting the facts straight.

    • Thanks Ron! Maybe you switched something recently which is great – but when I reviewed this (about 2 years ago) there must have been artificial color on the ingredients on the label. I wouldn’t have made that up. Thanks for stopping by and I will update the post.

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