Bo Mack BBQ Sauce (4/5)


Made in Oregon, Bo Mack Original BBQ Sauce brings a welcome escape from the norm brought to you by… steak sauce.  So many flavors to try, so many ways to make a sauce stand out, and I always appreciate the deep rich “steak sauce” flavor made popular by A1 Steak Sauce.

Around the world, steak sauce has different names – Brown Sauce in Britain (real creative guys) and over in japan they call their variation tonkatsu sauce.  What is interesting about it that not many people know is that it’s made from some of the same base ingredients as BBQ sauce with a notable exception – raisin sauce.  Yes, that tart, almost pungent and flavor of steak sauce is brought to you by raisins.  Some steak sauces are more peppery in flavor like Worcestershire sauce, such as the infamous brown bagged Lea & Perrins.  OK enough with the steak sauce tangent and on to the review!

Outside of the Bottle

The bottle and label are OK, and I see the concept: a piece of wood and the name Bo Mack (eldest son of the producers of the sauce by the way) is branded onto the wood.  It’s a nice look but one which doesn’t necessarily resonate.  I always want to know more about what’s inside.  How does it taste?  Is it smoky?   Who is Bo Mack?  Does he like Steak Sauce?  What does he look like?   Sure, it’s nice to have a surprise flavor when you open the bottle, but before someone might even open it, it might help to sell them a little bit harder on why they should open this particular bottle.  I like that there is an award-winning ribbon on the side, but I’d be curious to know which award was won.  Always good to name your sources.  While it’s not surprising this won an award, it just helps in credibility.  The one thing I really like on the bottle, which I’ve seen in other places, is the use of the heat indicator pepper – which says very quickly that it’s not so hot.


Inside the Bottle

Inside the bottle Bo Mack has a dark rusty brown color with visible spices floating amongst the bottle.  The consistency is thick and adheres well to meat.  The ingredients are interesting – they used another BBQ sauce as a base from which they added steak sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and some more sugar, tomato, and spices.  The sauce contains some artifical colors, corn syrup, and preservatives.

I tried on my typical sauce cooking meat – chicken – and found it to have a great ‘steak sauce meets BBQ sauce’ flavor that maintains its balance and complexity and withstands the heat of the fire, while some sauces simply fade out.


Bottom Line

If you like A1 steak sauce, you will love this Bo Mack BBQ Sauce.   It’s a fine tasting sauce, one which would deserve a 5 star rating were it not for the ingredients choices.  The label could also use a little work in helping to explain to people why they should try it.  Otherwise it’s a nice sauce to pickup while dining in the BBQ establishment of the same name – if you’re in Oregon.


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