Free Sauce Friday: Big Ed’s Heirloom BBQ Sauce

It’s that special day of the week my friends and this time it’s a robust, tangy, vinegar based BBQ sauce for all of you eastern NC style lovers out there.  I gave the product 4/5 stars in January and I just love the vintage label of this.

Today we’re going to have 5 WINNERS!   Yes, 5 people win a bottle of sauce!   

To win, just complete the two tasks below:

  1. Comment on the blog post below – use the words “Big Ed” in a sentence so we know you’re paying attention
  2. Like the creator of this sauce Pigtail Brands on Facebook and (tell em BBQ Sauce Reviews sent you)!

Contest ends Sunday night 6/17/12 (Winners posted Monday)

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  1. I’m sure that if we would go way back to that talking horse!!!
    ” Big Ed ” would love to promote this sauce!!!!

  2. I sure could use a bottle of Big Ed’s BBQ sauce. I’m going to run a train on some pulled pork this weekend

  3. A horse is a horse, of course, of course, And no one can talk to a horse of course. That is, of course, unless the horse is the famous Mr. Ed. Whoops wrong Ed. Sorry Big Ed.

  4. I would like to try Big Ed’s BBQ sauce on my husband Big Krys’ BBQ this week-end!! Bring on some pork!

  5. Kevin Byrd says

    Big Ed………Its whats for Chicken!!!

  6. Big Eds I need to try some on some ribs

  7. Dale Lewis says

    Going fly fishing with Big Ed’s Fishing Ventures in Breckenridge, CO. So need some Big Ed’s sauce for the cookout afterwards.

  8. Big AL would like to try Big Ed’s sauce.

  9. Paul Jenkins says

    My BigGreen Egg needs some Big Ed’s BBQ sauce!!!

  10. I wonder if Big Ed is really Big

  11. Love to try some Big Ed’s!!!

  12. Big Ed’s…that’s all the sauce I need!

  13. Christopher Sorel says

    Love Big Ed’s on my chicken

  14. Sarah Krill says

    I’m sure BIG ED’s sauce is delicious and I would love to try it!!!

  15. BIG ED’S would go over BIG at the BIG sergeants BIG backyard BBQ!!

  16. Kyle Dullea says

    I hope Big Ed likes Big Flavor.

  17. Bob Shields says

    Hey now don’t you know that I got a buddy and his name is BIG ED , he can make a BBQ sauce that will knock your taste buds good, oh yea

  18. Bubba Kos says

    Looking forward to starting the grill and trying something new. CHOP

  19. Elaine Bell says

    Is BIG ED related to my husband BIG AL? He’ll get to fire up the BBQ for Father’s Day!

  20. Bubba Kos says

    BIG ED Needs Sauce Big ED needs sauce to survive the weekend from his wife please give big ED some sauce His life depends on it

  21. Here he comes, from the frozen north
    Big Ed!
    Big Ed!
    A mighty man, from the land of Thor
    Big Ed!
    Big Ed!
    Cause he’s Big, Big, Big
    and he’s Ed, Ed, Ed
    and that’s how he got to earn the name…Big Ed!
    Big Ed!

  22. Jeremy Koller says

    Cant wait to give this vinegar based Big Eds BBQ sauce my stamp of approval!

  23. So Brian, who won last week? Zoes Sauces give away? I must be missing something 🙂

    I would love to find out I have won both Zoe and Big Ed 🙂

  24. Can’t wait to try Big Ed !

  25. Big Ed’s in the house! Would love to try it. Thanks for the opportunity. Cheers!

  26. Tommy Russ says

    Big Ed’s sauce is good for the soul.

  27. HELL!!! Some of my friends call me “BIG ED”!

  28. Jamin Ross says

    BIG ED is all I need for my BBQ!!

  29. Everyone I know loves Big Eds Heirloom BBQ Sauce! And we give it 5/5 Stars *****

  30. BIG ED

  31. Derek Garcia says

    Liked the Facebook page and left a comment….I think Big Ed would be proud of my efforts.

  32. Kevin Kennaugh says

    I will be sure to spread the sauce of Big Ed on my pork and bread.

  33. Don McLucas says

    I got a new big grill/smoker. Now I need to name it, how about
    “BIG ED” ?

  34. I get the Bg Head when people brag about my BBQ and it’s all because of Big Ed’s Heirloom BBQ Sauce!

  35. Love Ye Olde Style label on this one.. Big Ed’s sauce promises to be awesome

  36. Staci Hudak says

    My daddy would love to have “Big Ed” over for a BBQ on Father’s Day!

  37. Allan Freeman says

    Would love to give it a try>>>>>>>>>>>>

  38. Wes Mason says

    Looking to taste test some “Big ED’s” Sauce soon.

  39. My husband and I would love to try some Big Ed’s BBQ sauce!

  40. Winners Announced:

    Allan Freeman
    Kevin Kennaugh


    I will be reaching out to you to get your address.


  41. TD Rowley says

    Big Eds, sure would like to see if it’s as good as out Texas sauces

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