Free Sauce Friday: Dimples BBQ Sauce

When you BBQ, you invite friends.
When you’re with friends, you smile.
When you smile, you get Dimples.

Or you can skip the song and dance and get straight to Dimples by getting a bottle of Dimple’s BBQ Sauce delivered free to your door.   Free Sauce Friday rocks!!

We will have 5 winners for this giveaway:

  • (1) Grand Prize: Bottle of Sauce, T-Shirt, Hat
  • (4) Runner Up Prizes: Bottle of Dimple’s BBQ Sauce

How to Win:

You must complete both steps shown below:

  1. Leave a Blog Comment here. You must use the words Dimples and BBQ in a sentence… be creative with it!
  2. Leave a friendly comment on Dimples Facebook page.  Leave any length comment you wish, however you must mention “BBQ Sauce Reviews sent me!”


  • US only (Sorry folks!)
  • Contest starts Friday Sept 2nd and ends 12:01AM on Sept 6th (winners announced Tuesday during the day sometime)
  • Winners to be selected randomly via
  • Winners will be notified via blog comments (check the subscribe to comments box or check back Tuesday to see if you won).
  • You will have one week to email your physical address to the contest coordinator or “you snooze you lose!”  (this means you don’t get free sauce).


  1. “Tommy Russ” GRAND PRIZE Bottle of Sauce, T-Shirt, Hat
  2. “Marilyn aka HotSauceChick” 1 Bottle of Sauce
  3. “Austin” 1 Bottle of Sauce
  4. “William S.” 1 Bottle of Sauce
  5. “Bob Bowen” 1 Bottle of Sauce

Send me an email (brian @ with you physical mailing address by September 13th to claim your prize!

Site Editor, BBQ Sauce Lover, Family Guy, Hi Tech Marketer by Day. He recently wrote the Ebook “How to Market Your BBQ Sauce” which can be purchased on this site.



  1. I have BBQ sauce on my Dimples.

  2. Dimples me this, Dimples me that, My Dimples and BBQ will make ME fat!

  3. In high school I had a social studies teacher named Mr. Dimples who died tragically at a homecoming BBQ in my junior year.

  4. Christopher Sorel says

    I drove past a place called dimples and wonder what could they serve. Well then made some great dimples bbq.

  5. Derek Garcia says

    BBQ makes my Dimples show.

  6. Mike Algren says

    Choosing BBQ sauce is very simples, after you try the bottle marked Dimples!

  7. What? You like my Dimples? Why Thank You but I dont have dimples on my face. That is just Dimples BBQ Sauce you are seeing on my face.

  8. Today’s “Clothing Optional” BBQ will feature pork butt with Dimples.

  9. So my wife was asking me how my day went. I told her I rubbed my Dimples on some butts and gave them a few pats as well. Her mind = strip club, my meaning = Dimples BBQ sauce on some pork butt. She got over it!

  10. My Dimples get really big when I BBQ!

  11. Dimples are cute, Dimples are sweet, Dimples is the sauce I want all over my meat!

  12. James Purcell says

    Sauce makes my dimples look hotter!

  13. Bob Shields says

    I just got out of the hospital and I need my DIMPLES sauced

  14. Hugh moriarty says

    Sauce so good it gives me dimples

  15. Is Dimples the pig? If you win Dimples BBQ, don’t BBQ Dimples! (Maybe his bro, Freckles?)

  16. thinking about this bbq sauce makes my dimples smile more better.

  17. My Dimples explode with anticipation when I use their sauce on BBQ.

  18. Kellee Hansen says

    A horse walks into a bar and the bartender asks “why the long face”?
    The horse replied “I did not win the free Dimples BBQ sauce”
    Bartender: “have a cold beer and wait for the email buddy”!
    Horse: “make it a wheat beer with a shot of dimples”

  19. Dimples on my thighs make me sad!
    Dimples BBQ Sauce on a burger? That’ll make me glad!

  20. Elaine Bell says

    BBQ sauce makes me smile and show my Dimples.

  21. jared hatfield says

    Dimples BBQ on my plate give me Dimples on my face.

  22. This is simples…I’d like to try Dimples….bbq sauce.

  23. Julie Kirkwood says

    I would like to use Dimples BBQ Sauce on every cut from the pig….including the Dimples….

  24. Jack and Jill went up the hill to make a other BBQ Sauce.Jack fell down and broke the Bottle. Jill left him there and went and got Dimples BBQ Sauce and said thats what you get no one is better then Dimples she cracked open a beer and partied the night away!

  25. Gary LaBelle says

    For my pork and chicken it’s simple, I need at least one bottle of Dimple’s, (BBQ sauce).

  26. This is what I’d like to see: nekkid Dimples wrastlin’ between a chicken and a pig!

  27. Rosanne Simon says

    Hi, “BBQ Sauce Reviews sent me!”
    I have never found a BBQ Sauce in the bottle that I’ve liked as is. However, I have never tried Dimples BBQ Sauce. No matter what the brand I always end up dumping it in a pot and tweaking or changing it to tast more fresh. We CRAVE good barbecue sauce and hope to win a bottle of DIMPLES BBQ SAUCE!!

    oops! I’m afraid I messed up getting this posted 🙁

  28. Good ol lip smackin dimples bbq sauced brisket…

  29. Miranda Bergh says


  30. I like to slather the dimples of my golf ball with BBQ sauce and suck it dry

  31. Nice and simple, Dimples is when you smile.

  32. If heaven doesn’t stock Dimples by the gallon…I’m changing my ways and heading to big fiery BBQ below.

  33. Marilyn aka HotSauceChick says

    Dimples with a rub,
    Dimples in a tub,
    Dimples BBQ,
    Dimples with a brew.

    Dimples on my plate,
    Dimples on my face,
    Dimples on my tongue,
    Dimples on the run.

    Dimples on my butt,
    Dimples on my beef,
    Dimples on my chicken,
    Dimples can’t be beat.

  34. Nice dimples, wanna eat some BBQ?


    1. “Tommy Russ” GRAND PRIZE Bottle of Sauce, T-Shirt, Hat
    2. “Marilyn aka HotSauceChick” 1 Bottle of Sauce
    3. “Austin” 1 Bottle of Sauce
    4. “William S.” 1 Bottle of Sauce
    5. “Bob Bowen” 1 Bottle of Sauce

    Please email me at with your physical address and I will get the address to the fine folks over at Dimples.

    You have until 9/13/11 to email me, otherwise you forfeit your free prize.

    Thanks everyone, keep coming back – I’ve got more giveaways next week and the week after!!


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