Free Sauce Friday: Doomer’s Q Sauce

Todd Doomer, creator of Doomer’s “Q” Sauce, says:

“This is BBQ Sauce Maryland Style! Our sauces have a unique blend of spices that provide a distinct flavor you won’t find anywhere else. One taste and you’re hooked for life!”


  • 2 BIG WINNERS: will receive a gift basket of all 3 Doomer’s Sauces: Original, Dark AND Hot & Spicy. Nice!
  • 3 ADDITIONAL WINNERS: will receive your choice 1 of 3 Doomer’s Sauces: Original, Dark OR Hot & Spicy


You must complete two tasks:


That’s it.

Complete Rules and Guidelines here (US only, winners announced on blog, random # generator used)


Update 6/6: Contest closed. Winners announced at 5pm EST.


Site Editor, BBQ Sauce Lover, Family Guy, Hi Tech Marketer by Day. He recently wrote the Ebook “How to Market Your BBQ Sauce” which can be purchased on this site.



  1. Like… check.
    Comment… check.


  2. Hey man! Cool that you’re promoting Doomer’s sauce! Brian from Hot Sauce Daily wrote up a nice review of them on my blog not too long ago! Just ‘liked’ their page, and would dig a sample from you!

  3. erwyn duckett says

    Both like and comment just waiting to win

  4. Megan Kradzinski says

    Ooooo, the “Dark” sauce makes me think mysterious things. Wonder what mystifying meat I can spice up with it. Hmmm???

  5. Liked you on Facebook…would love to win this!!!

  6. Pamela Craig says

    I heard of it but have never seen it to try. I love BBQ. Hope I get to try one.

  7. Jacque Hubbard says

    LOVE samples!!! Love barbecue!! Yes, please!!! And THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  8. Maryann Fikes says

    What a fantastic way to spend a Friday getting ready for a great weekend of BBQ’ing with Doomer’s BBQ Sauce!

  9. Michael R says

    I also “liked” on FB.
    I’m unfamiliar with Maryland BBQ and sauces but am looking forward to trying some Doomer’s sauce soon.
    Michael R/Minneapolis

  10. Michael B says

    “Q” me!

  11. Judd Newcomb says

    Can’t wait to give this stuff a try, hope I win!

  12. Troy Wells says

    Man I would love to try some of this sauce! Nothing better then feeding my guests good Q with a great unique Sauce! Im from the Midwest so anything back east is a MUST to try…:)

  13. Man I have been jonesing to try this stuff for a LONG time!!! Have a close friend who lived in Maryland and told me I have got to try this stuff. he swears by it!!!

    cant find it in my neck of the woods. I am crossing my fingers that I am the lucky one. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!

  14. Christopher Sorel says

    Looks like some good sauce and would love to give it a try. Ribs crossed

  15. These sauces are amazing! I was given a bottle of each by my brother and his wife and we’ve run out. I’d love to bring some more of this flavor to Texas

  16. Bob Shields says

    Did the like , and now for the rest, looks like a good tasting sauce and I and my gang sure would luv to try it.

  17. I didn’t even know Maryland had their own style of sauce. I need that gift basket to add to my collection of sauces I experiment with!

  18. Zach Darrow says

    I would love to try some Maryland BBQ!! I hope I WIN!!!

  19. Sandy Griffin says

    I am been to Maryland and really look forward to trying your sauce out. I love the unique regional flavors of BBQ sauces. Thanks for doing this give away. I hope I win. Sandy

  20. I would LOVE to try this sauce! I have many recipes for BBQ Sauce, and I’m curious how Maryland BBQ tastes! Pick Me! Pick Me!

  21. richard cornett says

    Cant wait to try some of these sauces!!!

  22. Sounds interesting. Count me in.

  23. Jason Prince says

    Looks like some awesome sauce! Fingers crossed for a win….(:

  24. w00t!!!

  25. Hey everyone, thanks for the comments! Good luck in the contest!!

  26. I hope I like their sauce just like I liked their Facebook page.

  27. Papa needs some new Barbeque Sauce!

  28. Robert Cox says

    KCBS judge here.
    Would like to sample this sauce.

  29. Don Llewellyn says

    Have never heard of this sauce but would love to try it!

  30. Terry Gramling says

    BBQ Sauce from Maryland????? I need some brought to Texas for an old fashion cookout showdown!!!

  31. june humberson says

    I have not tried this BBQ sauce and would love a chance to win to be able to try it.

  32. june humberson says

    I have not tried this BBQ sauce and would love a chance to win to be able to try it

  33. I am on a quest for the barbeque sauce that is perfect for my taste. Over the past two years, I have tried dozens of different types and styles of sauces without success. Your sauce interests me more than any other sauce that I have seen recently. Please consider me for the prize or let me know how I can get your sauces.

  34. martin hansen says

    hot and spicey, perfect for my ribs

  35. martin hansen says

    hot and spicey

  36. Elaine Bell says

    I’d love to try it. Is it available in Georgia?

  37. Someone needs to start a bbq sauce of the month club. That would be yummy!

  38. A buddy and i have just got into these bbq contests and would love to win this sauce to be able to try it and see how good it is. We have heard alot of really good things about it at the different contests that we have been too.

  39. i liked doomers on FB

  40. Gary LaBelle says

    Doomers “Q” Sauce from Maryland. I have to try it! Had BBQ from just about everywhere but Maryland. Like my friend Arnold saids ” it’s not “Q” sauce if it’s not a Doomer”.

  41. AND THE WINNERS ARE…. 14, 38, 5, 23, 10

    Let’s see.

    14 – Troy Wells
    38 – Kevin

    5 – Jerrilynn Atherton
    23 – William
    10 – Michael R

    You each have a week to send an email to the sponsor of the contest Todd “Doomer” Dooms ( to claim your prize.

    If you won the grand prize, specify your physical mailing address.
    If you were a runner up, pick the kind of sauce you’d like to try: Original, Dark AND Hot & Spicy.


    Everyone else, try again next week – we have another great giveaway coming up. thanks!!

  42. Pamela Craig says

    Love the BBQ sauce.

  43. Congratulations to all the winners!! Thanks Brian!

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