Free Sauce Friday: Farm 2 Market Foods

Free Sauce Friday is back and this week’s giveaway is Sonoran Style BBQ Sauce by Farm 2 Market Foods.

It’s a different one with a deep rich flavor and a little bit of heat.  I gave it 5 stars not very long ago.  They use fire roasted tomatoes which is unique, and really flavorful.

We have have 5 Winners this week – 1 Grand Prize Winner and 4 Runner Ups.

  • All winners receive one bottle of BBQ sauce and rub (not pictured above).
  • The grand prize winner will also receive the first shipment of Farm 2 Market Foods’ next product – Sonoran Brewhouse Mustard or the Seven Devils Pepper Sauce (both Organic) – whichever one happens first. (cool!)

To Win You need to do both things below:

  1. Comment on this blog post and tell us what you would do with this fire-roasted sauce if you won.
  2. Like their Facebook page and tell them BBQ Sauce Reviews sent you.


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  1. I believe that sauce would compliment some smoked chicken breast really well!!!

  2. Kevin Byrd says

    Instead of mixing ketchup into my hamburger meat I think this fire roasted sauce we give the hamburgers a whole different flavor profile. Its all about flavor profiles.

  3. I would use this to finish off some ribs.. dry rubbed ribs would love to be finished off with some of this tasty sauce!

  4. As a BIG fan of the native cuisines indigenous to all parts of the Desert Southwest….specifically Arizona (my folks lived in Fountain Hills for many years) I think that not only is this a REALLY COOL product, named after the most beautiful desert vista I’ve ever seen…I believe that it has TONS of potential applications!

    I could see using it as part of a marinade for all types of protiens, including fish! Additionally, it would probably make an incredible basting sauce for Chicken and Steak along with just about anything else you can toss on a grill or smoker. I can’t help but thinking that it would also be GREAT as an integral component of Southwestern Soups…Chicken Tortilla, Bean, etc. and side dishes…Cowboy Beans come to mind!

    Cool product and packaging…thanks for the opportunity to weigh in!


    • Michael Capuano says

      Fountain Hills is one of the more beautiful places in Central Arizona. I worked for a year as a chef for Firerock Country Club in Fountain Hills and loved every minute of it. We already have a Sonoran Style Beer Mustard and a few other desert-inspired products but we also have three other regional BBQ sauces in the works…including (Brian, if you are reading, a hybrid sauce entitled Appalachian Trail that blends South Carolina Mustard Sauce with Eastern North Carolina Vinegar Sauce). At any rate, their are many wonderful regions of the USA and the planet that we want to create our interpretations of, but I am happy we chosen the Sonoran Desert to start with (spoken from the lips of a someone Chicago born who lived in Tampa Bay most of his life).

      The trick in all of this in making sure people eat as good as possible and make it taste as possible. The key is while we all debauch in the brilliance of baby backs, pulled pork and brisket, to eat as healthily as possible, sans antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides and other nasty additives and preservatives.

      Anyway, I have a tendency to ramble but I appreciate your enthusiasm about the Sonoran Desert. Good luck to you in this contest and thank all of you for your interest!

  5. Jeremy Koller says

    First, I would open the sauce and taste a sample of it by itself, like I do with all the new sauces I try. Then, I would either go buy some fresh chicken breasts and slather them up with the sauce and put them on the grill or, if I received the sauce on the weekend, I would just go buy some chicken nuggets and dip them in the sauce because I am either too lazy or hungover to do anything else! Cheers!

  6. I would use it on ribs from the farm or on organic chicken.. and maybe pour it on burritos !

  7. Christopher Sorel says

    smoked a a couple beer can chickens then pull it and mix some sauce with it.

  8. I would give the sauce to my parents who have just bought their first ever barbecue and are very excited about it but are totally newbies to BBQing. I would love to introduce them to great BBQ sauces like this one and let them enjoy their first summer barbecues ever.

  9. If I win I am gonna coat the INSIDES of my family’s bellies with this sauce.

  10. Make some Ribs!!

  11. I think fire roasted sauce would be great on my hubby’s pulled pork with some cool cole slaw on the side!

  12. Fire-roasted sauce? Goes well with fire-roasted sausages.

  13. Kyle Dullea says

    Wow, these sauces sound great. I would use them on smoked chicken and ribs.

  14. Donna Yost says

    I think Fire Roasted Sauce would be awesome on Turkey burgers or chicken breasts marinated in it!

  15. Russell Potter says

    I Believe that With Fire Roasted Sauce I will Win My next BBQ Competition, And Take the Grand Champion .

  16. Jamin Ross says

    5 Star Sauce! I’d just drink it straight!!!

  17. Butch Kinerney says

    Can’t wait to try this, but I’m afraid I’ll love it so much and then I won’t be able to find it in DC — not exactly a mecca for good sauce.

    • Michael Capuano says

      I have every intention of making sure this (and every) product we make is available everywhere. I hope there is enough demand to require so.

  18. brad reams says

    sounds good on Wings

  19. Steve Miller says

    I do competition BBQ and I’m always looking for new sauces and rubs and I would to give this a shot and see how we place with it. I think this could be used in several different catagories of meat

  20. Scott Gates says

    BBQ sauce made with fire roasted tomatoes and coffee!! Sounds amazing! I love trying new BBQ sauces and spreading the word about them. I enjoy reading all your sauce reviews. This sauce sounds great and the packaging is very cool. I would love to try this sauce…I might be found trying to drink it. Would be great on my homemade pulled pork.

    • Michael Capuano says

      I love the idea that your palate is adventurous. I have been found trying to drink sauces in the past.

  21. Sounds great with some pulled pork and ribs. Mmmmmm……

  22. Well since I am smoking for 75 people at the Jimmy Buffett show in August, I need some cool new sauces to debut to the phlock! The ParrotHead Club is having a massive tailgate and I will be using my KC BBQ skills to smoke all the food! Some fire roasted sauce would fit right in with us!

    • Michael Capuano says

      A ParrotHead party? You’re talking to someone that spent 75% of their life in Florida. Sounds like a hoot. I bent over backwards with distributors trying to get organic tequila for this sauce!

  23. Steve Miller says

    And let me add that some smoked chicken wings with the fire roasted BBQ sauce would be awesome!!!

  24. I would try it out on some chicken and see what else I can use it on.

  25. Fire roasted sauce on some slow smoked pork shoulder – YUM! Then I’d serve it up with some grilled fresh veggies – just love this time of year!

  26. Judd Newcomb says

    I’m going to slow cook a stack of short ribs on the grill and brisket in my crockpot and have a feast!

  27. I think spicy short ribs and flavored beans with the sauce!! Oh lord…gotta go cook something!!!

  28. Pamela Craig says

    I would have to try it on ribs cooked on the grill! Sounds yummy!!!!

  29. I like the idea of the fire roasted tomatos. Sounds like it would go great with either chicken or ribs. I look forwrd to trying some!

  30. Bishop "Mr. Rib" Miller says

    I would use this sauce in my pulled pork and pull beef. I have actually tasted this companies product and I enjoy the flavors

  31. I would smother the fire roasted sauce over some grilled chicken. It sounds yummy.

  32. Terry Gramling says

    A fire roasted sauce sounds like it would compliment all meats, cooked on the grill or in a crock, can’t wait to try it!

  33. Bob Shields says

    the main reason for sauce is on meat, like on the big pork butte I have waiting to get sauced

  34. Sounds yummy!

  35. Sarah Krill says

    I would use this sauce on some ribs ! mmm mm m

  36. This Sonoran fire roasted sauce will make my baked beans POP!!

  37. Michael Capuano says

    We really appreciate all of your comments!

  38. Roger Kirkland says

    Would love to try this with the brisket I’m doing this weekend..

  39. James Purcell says

    Would use it to top an egg scramble!

  40. Oh the choices. I’d start with Chicken, who knows where I’d end up after that. Can’t wait to give this one a try.

  41. Chef Peter says

    Before paring it with any food, I would like to taste it to get a flavor profile. Off the top of my head possible food parings could be: Grilled Salmon or Swordfish with Mississippi Caviar or Southwestern Marinated Chicken Quarters, BBQ Chopped Pork Butt Sandwiches with Frizzled Onions and Southwestern Slaw on the side. You all know, we could do this all day! The BBQ sauce sounds great!

    • Michael Capuano says

      Hey Chef,

      I like to see someone thinking outside of the box. I have never personally eaten this sauce on fish but a few friends of ours swear by it. Pork Butt with Frizzled Onions and Southwestern-inspired Slaw I have done and was pleased with the results.

      You’re right. We can do this all day.

  42. I think it would go great with grilled bone-in pork chops.

  43. Congratulations sauce lovers. Winners announced!

    Bob Shields
    Russell Potter
    Butch Kinerney
    Chef Peter

    Send me your address to claim your prize:


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