Free Sauce Friday: Golden Toad BBQ Sauce

Free Sauce Friday is here again!!     And this contest should be a doozy…

We will have 7 Winners!

(1) Grand Champion  – includes 7 individual items
(6) Reserve Grand Champion – includes a bottle of sauce and rub

“Grand Champion” Gift Basket includes:
1 ea. ~ Golden Toad ~ Chipotle BBQ Finishing Sauce
1 ea. ~ Golden Toad ~ Prime Steak Rub
1 ea. ~ Golden Toad ~ Cajun/Creole Seasoning
1 ea. ~ Golden Toad ~ Chipotle Pepper Sauce
1 ea. ~ Golden Toad ~ Jalapeno Pepper Sauce
1 ea. ~ Golden Toad ~ Habanero Pepper Sauce
1 ea. ~ Xtinction Sauces ~ Ghost Pepper Sauce

“Reserve Grand Champions” includes:
6 ea. ~ Golden Toad ~ Chipotle BBQ Finishing Sauce
6 ea. ~ Golden Toad ~ Prime Steak Rub

Find out more about the sauces here:, then enter!


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  1. I’m liking the prime steak rub. I’d like to compare it to the rub I make for steak.

  2. I’d use the Habanero pepper sauce on baby back ribs!

  3. Christopher Sorel says

    some prime steak rub and then some Chipotle BBQ Finishing Sauce on the meat.

  4. I would totally go for the Chipotle BBQ Finishing Sauce, and cook it on chicken and salmon.

  5. Gotta try the Habanero

    • We use all fresh orange habaneros… We hand pick each one individually and usually toss away 20% of the habs we purchase… They don’t make the sauce… I hope you win and hope you enjoy it…

  6. Id love to have it all! what a great variety!

  7. Id use the Jalapeno Pepper Sauce on proably everything!

  8. The Barbeque Finishing Sauce sounds perfect for my rib roast. I can’t wait to try it!

  9. Chipotle BBQ and would mix with some lime zest and baste on my ribs

  10. the Chipotle Finishing sauce looks great as well as the sauces

  11. I think the Golden Toad Chipotle sauce would be great on some chicken wings. The hot smoky flavor would compliment the chicken.

    • 3/4 cup Golden Toad Chipotle Pepper Sauce, 1/2 cup Franks Red Hot, 1/3 to 2/3 cup Honey and 1 TBS lemon juice… That’s one of my favorite wing sauces…

      I marinate my wings overnight in chicken stock, italian dressing and our Golden Toad Cajun Creole Seasoning, then fire grill them over hard wood charcoal. When finished, I toss them in that sauce and serve… They are always a big hit…

  12. WOW!!!! What a doozy of a prize! Big Bucks, No Whammys and……… STOP!

  13. I don’t know what ghost pepper sauce is, but I know I want to try it!

    • The Ghost Pepper is also known as Bhut Jolokia or the Naga Jolokia. It is one of the hottest chiles on the planet. Known as “Super Hot” Chiles, they are 3 to 4 times hotter than an average habanero…

  14. That’s a prize pack!

  15. Chipotle BBQ Finishing Sauce on a Spatchcock Chicken on the grill!

  16. The Chipotle BBQ Finishing Sauce sounds like it would kick up my boneless chicken breasts on the grill.

  17. I’d go with Chipotle BBQ Finishing Sauce on my salmon!

  18. The Chipotle Finishing Sauce would be great on some nice thick pork chops!

  19. Chipotle sauce on the shrimp bombs! Yeah Baby!

  20. Hugh moriarty says

    I want em all!

  21. I am a habanero guy. I tried your sauce last year at the show down in New Mexico and it was GREAT!! What would I use it on? The better question is what WOULDNT I use it on?!!! lol

  22. I want to try the Ghost Pepper sauce since it sounds awesome. Probably on chicken

  23. I’d use that Chipotle finishing sauce on some pulled wild hog!

  24. Patrick Fikes says

    Sunday is my big day to BBQ so my wife does not have to cook!
    Prime Steak Rub sounds delish!

  25. It all sounds good, where would you start? Answer: tour local meat shop, I am ready for som BBQ

  26. The Ghost pepper sauce for sure…being a pepperhead its good to finally see something besides sweet and smokey sauces. Skewered shrimp would be my choice

  27. Steak, Ribs, Pork Chops, Popcorn – I’m sure it will be good

  28. Chipotle on my shrimp skewers sounds like a winner! Add an ice cold 6 pack of Bud Light and I have my own party!

    • We make and sell “Shrimp Bombs” at our BBQ Shows. We season our shrimp lightly with our Prime Steak Rub, then skewer them with sliced Kielbasa Sausage and grill them with the Chipotle BBQ Finishing Sauce… We often have an hour wait in our lines for Shrimp Bombs…

  29. I’m thinking maybe some chipotle on Frog Legs, too!

  30. I’m intrigued by the chipotle bbq finishing sauce. I’d like to try it on salmon.

  31. Definitely the chipotle BBQ finishing sauce … on grilled portabella mushroom caps (BIG ones)!

  32. richard cornett says

    would love to try the chipotle bbq sauce…

  33. I didn’t see the Ghost Pepper sauce on the Toad website (but then the calendar was still on 2010) is it a new sauce?

  34. The Chipotle BBQ Finishing Sauce is awesome on everything that I have tried it on.

  35. I’m out of the Xtinction Sauce! I need more…

  36. The new Xtinction Sauce with ghost pepper is awesome! Breakfast burritos will never be the same. All of the Toad products are excellent!

  37. I use the Prime Steak Rub on everything…

  38. Mmmmm Ribs! That Chipotle BBQ Sauce rocks on ribs!!!

  39. Jalapeno on some fish tacos!!!

  40. Michael BAiley says

    I would like to try them all but, would settle on the cajun seasoning on pork butt!

  41. I want to try them all…

  42. Golden Toad shrimp bombs are da bomb!

  43. I was never a BBQ Sauce fan until I tried the Golden Toad’s Chipotle BBQ Finishing Sauce…

  44. I LOVE the rub & also the ghost pepper sauce….now THAT’S REALLY GOOD!!

    Actually, i LOVE them all =)

  45. Sheila Annis says

    My boys love the Jalapeno sauce! We would love the entire product package!

  46. I love the steak rub on grilled corn on the cob…

  47. We use the steak rub on just about all our meats in which we cook – whether on the grill or the stove -it’s awesome!

  48. A little olive oil and prime steak rub on all vegies. Can use a grill pan or cast iron skillet. Really brings out the sweetness of fresh corn if you add a little red onion and bell pepper. The Chipotle Finishing sauce makes dynamite BBQ chicken pizza with some sweet red onions, mushrooms and your choice of sharp cheese. (Pineapple works well here too!)

  49. XTinction sauce on *anything* wanting a little “somethin’ somethin’ ” – my team has used it on breakfast, lunch, leftovers, salads (!), Asian, Mexican, Italian, even store-bought chips … and they love it all! The bottle I bought for ’em at Dillon is almost empty! 🙂

  50. Great contest! Thanks Todd for sponsoring it!!

    Winners please email your physical mailing address to me at and I will get it over to Todd from Golden Toad.

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