(12 Winners!) Free Sauce Friday: Grumpy’s BBQ Sauce

I like Grumpy’s sauces and so do a few other folks out there (link to Grumpy’s Awards page)

We’ve got 12 Winners this time folks – 12 Winners!!Β  Each winner will choose 1 bottle of sauce from Grumpy’s 4 flavors.

If we get 48 comments, your chance of winning is 1 in 4.Β  That’s pretty good!!

To win:

  1. Visit Grumpy’s website AND
  2. Enter a comment below (at the blog not Facebook). USE THE WORD “GRUMPY” SOMEWHERE IN YOUR RESPONSE.


  • Must use the word “grumpy” in your response (have fun with it)
  • US only (sorry)
  • Starts Friday June 17th, ends Monday June 20th
  • Winners announced on blog
  • Random.org used to choose winners

Complete Rules and Guidelines here

Good luck!!

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  1. I’m thinking “Goodnight Loving” might be just the ticket for my grumpy husband!!

  2. I’d like to try one of your sauces. I think it’s an aptly named sauce for me to use because (according to my wife) I’m always grumpy.

  3. Jason Prince says

    GRUMPY’s makes some awesome sauce! Really looking forward to this giveaway!!!

  4. Hugh moriarty says

    You won’t be grumpy after you try this sauce!

  5. Bob Shields says

    I just visted Grumpy’s website, looks like some darn tasty sauces and spouse say’s just rite for me as I have been Grumpy lately

  6. needs me sum GRUMPY’s Sauce. LuV’s the Grumpy sauce!!!!!! sr

  7. OMG Super excited about this sauce. I love Grumpy’s!!! BBQing with this sauce defiantly will NOT make you GRUMPY!!! πŸ™‚

  8. Ernie Rupp says

    G is for the great sauce that you make.

    R is for the ribs I put it on.

    U is for the ultimate flavor that you have.

    M is for Mmmmmmmm when I am done.

    P is for pleasure that it gives.

    Y is for Yes, please pass me some more Grumpy’s sauce.

    S is for savoring the 4 fine flavors of Grumpy’s.

    This poem did not make me grumpy at all.

  9. Arty Podnos says

    I have tried over two dozen sauces this year and I can honestly say that Grumpy’s Barbeque Sauce is one of my favorites. The Not So Bold is perfect on Ribs and as a great alternative to Ketchup as a dipping sauce. It is flavorful and not overly sweet.
    The Goodnight Loving sauce was outstanding on my Brisket. I got rave reviews based on the flavor.
    If you’re Grumpy, then Grumpy’s sauce will stop you from being jumpy!

  10. I would love to try some grumpy sauce!!!!

  11. Sergio QUe says

    I like the Grumpy Sauce please!

  12. Grumpy’s has won so many awards! It only makes sense that the Bold XX sauce would make any Grumpy person happy! Like me – tee hee.

  13. kevin gibbens says

    My “GRUMPY” husband would love to try this sauce. Maybe if he could win something, I might get some “GOODNIGHT LOVING”!

  14. Paula Cull says

    Grumpy Sauce takes away the grumpies.

  15. Would love to try a little Grumpy’s. Cant get it up here in Minnesota.

  16. okivanleer says

    Feeling grumpy this is my first time entering the Friday Contest!

  17. I love me some Grumpy’s!!!

  18. Black Label Grumpy seems to be the only Grumpy for me. I like it hot, and if its not hot than my tastebuds, well whats left of them get super grumpy..

  19. This is not a grumpy giveaway… this is a Charlie Sheen WINNING giveaway!!

  20. deborah cannon says

    “Grumpy” doesn’t look so grumpy … He must have had a little “Black Label” , wasn’t sure if he should be “Bold XX” or “Not so Bold”, but got a little “Goodnight Loving” anyway !!

  21. Troy Wells says

    Running out of sauce makes me very GRUMPY!

  22. Todd "Doomer" Dooms says

    I think I might be grumpy if I don’t get to try some of this sauce! πŸ˜‰

  23. brenda gibbens says

    I think I could get some “Goodnight Loving” from my GRUMPY husband if I could win him this sauce.

  24. I am going to be grumpy if my beer is not cold when I get back from riding my wave runner.

  25. I know I’ve already posted here, but I just had to say this anyway… I bet my wife will be grumpy if I bring home more sauce, but I’m gonna try anyway! πŸ˜€

  26. Jacque Hubbard says

    Will Grumpys make me lumpy?
    Will Grumpys make me dumpy?
    Will Grumpys make me frumpy?
    Will Grumpys make me bumpy?
    Will Grumpys make me clumpy?
    If I win, it will make me JUMPY!!!

  27. Chris sorel says

    I might be grumpy without some grumpy

  28. Grumpy will be my house sauce from now on!

  29. shannon white says

    Yum! Grumpy’s Black Label is the sauce for me.

  30. Robert Cox says

    Gotta have some Grumpy’s

  31. Elaine B says

    I’m grumpy ’cause I’ve never had the chance to try Grumpy’s BBQ sauce.

  32. Yoda sez, “Grumpy I will be if win Grumpy’s BBQ sauce Anson does not!”

    Don’t make Yoda grumpy. You wouldn’t like him when he’s grumpy.

  33. I have a whole lot of GRUMPY people that need cheering up.

  34. jeffsgal says

    I am gonna be real grumpy if I don’t win me some awesome Grumpy Sauce!

  35. One of the few cures for being Grumpy is some great Q slathered with some Grumpy’s Not So Bold Sauce. Grumpy! Grumpy! Brumpy! Grumpy!

  36. Zach Darrow says

    GRUMPY GRUMPY I will not be GRUMPY eat this BBQ Sauce!!

  37. kyle maker says

    Well, I searched the shelves, and no Grumpy! 531 at this point and still no Grumpy Sauce. My alternative is get some or just simply kill myself, decisions, decisions!

  38. John Adams says

    As one Grumpy man to another Grumpy man, I need to have some of this Grumpy Sauce to stay Grumpy.

  39. Buddy McCallister says


  40. Grumpy sounds like a great sauce. Crossing the fingers

  41. richard cornett says

    I think i may be in a grumpy mood monday if i dont win some of those sauces!!!!!!

  42. Rich Daley says

    Pass me the damn “Grumpy” sauce for heavens sake!

  43. I’ll be down in the dumpy if I don’t get some Grumpy!

  44. nancy roman says

    Sounds interesting!

  45. I like being Grumpy. I visited Grumpy’s site and hope to win so I can taste some of Grumpy’s good looking products.

  46. jared hatfield says

    Grumpy’s makes my taste buds un-grumpy

  47. John Daly says

    Since I have never tasted these sauces,I am grumpy. To make me un-grumpy, I need to win. Thank you!

  48. My family will be Grumpy with me if we dont have Grumpy’s sauce on our ribs.

  49. Jeff Greenberg says

    Yummy yummy yummy. I’ve got Grumpy’s in my tummy. And I feel like loving you!

  50. D Wiggins says

    My hubby got a new grill this Father’s Day weekend and has been anything but Grumpy! We have begun a search for the best barbeque sauce this summer; after tasting Grumpys will our search be over?

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