Free Sauce Friday: Hoosier Daddy’s BBQ Sauce

This is it folks, the Last Giveaway I’m Doing This Year.

And it’s huge.    It’s running today + Saturday only.

Grand prize:

  • A Turkey Fryer (no turkey included)
  • 6pk (3/Sweet & 3/Ghost) of sauce
  • Hoosier Daddy T-shirt 

9 Runner Up Prizes:

  • Choose of 1 sauce (Sweet  or  Ghost)
  • Hoosier Daddy T-shirt

All you have to do for this is two things:

  1. Post a blog comment on this post.  Tell us what you’d do with the winnings!
  2. Go over to Hoosier Daddy’s Facebook page and Like it.  Then write something like “BBQ Sauce Reviews sent me” and something else.  Pretty much anything.

Fine Print:

  • Contest starts Friday Nov18th 30th and ends 12:01AM on Sunday Nov 20th (winners announced Sunday during the day sometime)
  • Winners to be selected randomly via
  • Winners will be notified via blog comments (check the “subscribe to comments” box or check back late Monday night to see if you won and for further instructions).
  • You will have one week to email your physical address or “you snooze you lose rule” is in effect!
  • Billy the Boar, Lil Bit o’ Q and other wild animals are not eligible to win.

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  1. Hi,

    I have roasted and smoked turkeys but have yet to fry a turkey. I think my wife would be amazed at a deep fat fried turkey, she has serious health doubts about the process. 🙂 I would like to be able to provide a deep fat fried turkey to my family.


    Dave ( Dukes Best)

  2. With my winnings I will have Fried BBQ Turkey for Thanksgiving.

  3. Michael St.Cyr says

    I have never tried deep fried turkey. But would love to. Also could use this in the early fall for making jellys and jams in large batches.

  4. My neighbor’s have been deep frying a turkey several years and brag on it’s flavor and juiciness, but I have yet to taste one. If I win the grand prize, I’ll deep fry a turkey for Christmas (don’t think there is enough time to ship the fryer before Thanksgiving). Christmas is just around the corner!

  5. Awesome giveaway!!

  6. Christopher Sorel says

    i would spice up a bird with a injection and fry that bad boy up

  7. Scott Beckerle says

    I will use that Turkey Fryer first to make a juicy, succulent turkey for Christmas. Fir the rest of the year I will make myself some Cajun Country Shrimp Boil, because nothing better then some cajun sausage and shrimp!

  8. Neil Buchwalter says

    My kids have been asking for a turkey fryer for years. This would make them very happy.

  9. Ooooooo….. deep fried turkey. What else could be better to clot your blood and burn down your deck at the same. 🙂 I’ve never done a turkey and it IS on my mental bucket list. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  10. Derek Garcia says

    I’ve never personally fried a Turkey, but I’ve been fortunate enough to sample fried turkey on numerous occasions. I’d love to try out some Hoosier Daddy sauce on fried turkey.

  11. Rich Campana says

    I’ll be king of the neighborhood with the best block party ever! Can’t wait to introduce my friends to Hoosier Daddy and fried turkey!

  12. I have only smoked and roasted turkeys. I have had some deep fried turkeys tho and they are awesome. If I won I guess id have to go buy a propane bottle( I havnt used gas for years lol) and deep fry one for the Holidays… 🙂

  13. I’d drop a frozen turkey in the deep fryer and post the results on YouTube.

  14. This will be out third Thanksgiving together and every year we try something new for our Thanksgiving dinner. Fried turkey would be a nice addition to our dinner this year!

  15. patty kasiewicz says

    If I win I am deep frying a turkey and a Ham. If you never tried a ham in a deep fryer ,you dont know what you been missing.

  16. Fish Fry!!

  17. State farm And the Shat should give me the tips I need to fry me a ghostly good bird this year on thanksgiving!!!

  18. Todd \\\\\\\ says

    Never fried a turkey, but always been curious…and Hoosier Daddy sounds tasty…will have to get me a bottle

  19. Nicole Craig says

    Deep fried turkey is really good especially if you have sauce to inject it with.

  20. I’ve had fried turkey twice before when others prepared it for me and it was killer If I win here I will pay it forward by organizing through my son’s Boy Scout troop and using the fryer and seasons to prepare fried turkeys for a local shelters’ Christmas dinner for the needy/homeless. And I’ll even through in a full batch of MOINK balls. Nothing says holidays like gobble, moo, and oink. Of course pics will be shared.

  21. The Turkey Fryer I would donate to charity (Hope Cneter of Macomb), but nobody’s getting my sauce! And the shirt would be neat as well! Looking forward to winning!

  22. I have deep fried a turkey before and their is never enough. People are always so curious that they pick at it while you are carving it. With 2 fryers I could have 1 for them to pick at and 1 for actual holiday dinner. Then cold turkey sandwiches the day after with a lot of Hoosier Daddy sauce on top. Yummmmmmmmmm!

  23. Jeremy Koller says

    I would slap that T-shirt on and go out in the cold Wisconsin fall weather (but not too cold for a t-shirt in November), season up a bird the size of well as big as the turkey fryer allows, and use my best Paula Dean impression as I drop the turkey down. It’s “gon be real good.” After that bird is done, I’m going to pull that thing apart, put it on sandwiches and slather em with some Sweet Hoosier Daddy sauce for the kids and some Ghost Hoosier Daddy sauce for myself! Nom Noms!!

  24. I’d like to attempt to burn down my neighborhood while deep-frying a turkey. Just kidding.

  25. Kelly Ann T. says

    I would use invite everyone over during finals week for turkey and studying. I also left a comment on Hoosier Daddy’s facebook page and I would love to get sauced. Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for the chance.

  26. Bob Shields says

    I would give the fryer to one of my friends and also share some sauce with him

  27. I would donate the turkey fryer to American Greyhound’s charity auction. I’d smother lots of chicken with the sauce! YUM!

  28. “Turkey not included” not to worry as I have been married for 30+ years, got my own. I talk big when she is not around! If I win the fryer – it will get a fast break in. Can’t wait. Thanks, Kyle

  29. I love fried turkey and to date I have yet to try frying one myself. I love a good bbq sauce, so I would definitely use it for dipping sauce for the fried turkey.

  30. I would take my turkey fryer over to the base (Navy), and donate it to the Enlisted Men. I know they could use it! I love our troops. Happy Thanksgiving all.

  31. It would be cool to win. (And no the turkey didn’t say that!)

    Thanks .

  32. I would have fried turkey for Thanksgiving with the family because they have never had one before. Plenty of Hoosier Daddy BBQ sauce would be there including the awesome new Ghost Roast.

  33. Wow, this is pretty amazing. I suppose I will have to find something to fry. Thank goodness I have a garage so I won’t have to burn anything down : )

  34. Hugh moriarty says

    Have a great big turkey party with all my friends!

  35. I would deep fry the turkey and drink the sauce because I was so happy about winning.

  36. I’d use this to do a fried turkey for Christmas. My husband doesn’t eat pork so we wouldn’t do a holiday ham for Christmas and this would be perfect for something different than thanksgiving. Love the reviews and contest’s.

  37. if i win, I will be frying a turkey as soon as I get it and invite people over for fried turkey and beer

  38. Dimitry Halvorsen says

    Wow! This is a really nice giveaway! I always wanted to make a deepfried turkey, but never got around to get the equipment. In fact, I was watching Alton Brown’s show just a few days ago where he explained how to deepfry it step by step! If I win it, I am going to invite a lot more people for Thanksgiving and FRY US SOME BIRD AND ENJOY THE BBQ SAUCE!!!

    Btw, Thank you for doing this!!

  39. Brian Sciarratta says

    Since I do not have a fryer, I would use the fryer and share the sauce. I sure do love me some deep fried turkey.

  40. Well, I love fried food…Turkey is ok, but it is AMAZING when it’s done in the fryer. I’m not sure what devil-magic is used during the frying process, but no other kind of cooking method (for Turkey) compares. So if I win, I will fry a turkey, then..dun dun duh…I will eat it!

  41. I would wait until a thanksgiving turkey disaster and then save the day with a deep fried turkey in the wings. Whammy

  42. I would fry me up a turkey for Christmas and then turn around and steam up some lobster and have a good ol’ fashion clam bake to ring in the New Years.

  43. Thomas Williams says

    If I won I would have a cook out with all my milatary friends on Arnold Ave@ Ottis Air Force Base. To share and help out for atleast one meal for the upcoming Hoildays. People in the milatary need love too.

    Petty Officer Second Class Thomas Williams, USCG

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    BBQ Sauce Reviews

  45. And the winners are:

    Grand prize: Scott Beckerle

    Scott: let me know asap your shipping address so we can try to get the turkey fryer to you before turkey day. Also let me know your shirt size.

    Runner Up winners of sauce and shirt:

    Todd \\\\
    Betsey W
    Wayne Brown
    Rich Campana
    Brian P
    Mike Henry
    Jeremy Koller
    Karen M
    Dimitry Halvorsen

    You all have exactly one week to get back to us with:

    – your physical mailing address
    – preference of sauce (Sweet or Ghost Hot)
    – shirt size

    Send this info to both these email addresses:

    You have one week to do this, otherwise you will forfeit your right to the prize!

    Thanks and GUESS WHAT.
    I think we may do one last giveaway in Dec… stay tuned and make sure to signup here:


  46. Brian…I didn’t win but thanks for the effort. Congrats to the winners.

  47. Hoosier Daddy BBQ Sauce says

    Congratulations to the Winner and Runner Ups!!! Thanks for becoming a fan of Hoosier Daddy BBQ Sauce! Hope to see you soon and have a Great Thanksgiving!

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