Free Sauce Friday: Jack Stack BBQ Sauce!

Is there any thing better than Free Sauce Friday?

This time we will have 4 winners thanks to JACK STACK BBQ “The Most Popular BBQ Restaurant in Kansas City” (Zagat 2011)

Grand Prize/1st place: A $25 gift card to the Jack Stack BBQ store

2nd, 3rd, 4th place: Original Sauce and Rub Gift Pack $16.95 value


To win, you must complete these 2 tasks:

  1. Comment below using the word “jack” in your comment…     AND
  2. Like the Jack Stack BBQ Facebook page here ( and tell em BBQ Sauce Reviews sent ya!

Fine Print:

US only, winners announced on blog, random # generator used to pick winners.

Contest Starts Friday 7/8 and Ends Monday 7/11 2pm EST!

Complete Rules and Guidelines here

Good luck!!


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  1. kevin gibbens says

    I would love to win this and try it. Some people don’t know “Jack” about bbq but others have said this stuff is the best.

  2. Jason Prince says

    My wife says I don’t know jack about good BBQ sauce! I know good sauce when I see it! 🙂

  3. James Purcell says

    I’d love to win this Jack of all trades sauce!

  4. J.P. Noles says

    I don’t know Jack so send me that sauce man!

  5. This sauce is going to jack me up

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  6. Slap my back “Jack”,
    There’s smoke come outta blowin’ outta that BBQ stack;

    With brisket, sausage and ribs in the back…

    To be continued..

  7. jack

  8. that is my favorite hometown sauce. Jack is the man!

  9. hit the sauce jack, and start the grill back again some more.

  10. Derek Garcia says

    I’m really jacked for this giveaway!

  11. Brian Fitzpatrick says

    Winning some of Fiorella’s fine sauce would certainly jack up the quality level of my bbq sauce collection!

  12. Buddy McCallister says

    Jack knows sauce!

  13. Christoopher sorel says

    Most sauces do not know jack about BBQ flavor and sounds like Jack Stack sauce with give me that Kansas City flavor.

  14. Michael Robert says

    As a former Kansas Citian, I know that Jack Stack is the gold standard in Kansas City BBQ. There may be older, dirtier, more “authentic” places than Jack Stack, but there is no better.

  15. william wylie says

    Any place that is considered a “destination” in the city that is one of the great BBQ “Meccas” has got to be unique ! That’s the fact Jack ! Gimmie some sauce !

  16. Yum. That Jack Stack BBQ sauce sounds great. Nice prizes there!

  17. Jacque Hubbard says

    Takes a Jacque to know Jack about BBQ sauce—once you go Jack, you never go back!

  18. Hugh moriarty says

    I wanna “jack” this great sauce

  19. cory lyons says

    Jack Sprat could eat no fat
    His wife could eat no lean
    And so betwixt the two of them
    And because of Jack Stack BBQ Sauce
    They licked the platter clean

  20. brenda gibbens says

    I would love to try the Jack’s sauce. Looks real good

  21. Please let me win the “Jack” pot and get this great sauce.

  22. I want to win the Jack’s sauce so bad I’m about to go “Jack” someone for it.

  23. I’m All “Jacked Up” about tryin 2 win some Jack Stack BBQ Sauce!!! sr

  24. alvin charles says

    Haven’t tried Jack yet, but I have heard great things about this product!!!

  25. I Am Jack’s Inflamed Sense of Rejection…if I don’t win!!!

  26. richard cornett says

    i cant wait to try the jack stack bbq sauce!!!

  27. Troy Wells says

    I want to roll with some Jack Stack! sounds awesome!

  28. Mike Peeler says

    Im sure this sauce will help me “Jack” up my scores!!!!!

  29. Nicole Craig says

    I want to win some Jack Stack BBQ so hit the road to my place.

  30. You can call me a Mad Meat Genius or Chilebrown, but do not call me jack. Jack Stack barbeque is the bomb. We were there last year during the American Royal BBQ championsip. Best burnt ends and beans ever.

  31. heather lavene says

    Never tried jack so please send me some jack

  32. I am going to jack me some sauce! Have a great weekend.

  33. jared hatfield says

    The sauce, it’s good eh? So you like the sauce eh? Well, you dont know Jack about sauce til you try Jack Stack.

  34. Paula Cull says

    Don’t jack me around! Is this sauce the best, or what?

  35. Elaine Bell says

    I could use some of your sauce to “Jack” up the ribs I’m making for tonight’s dinner.

  36. Robert Cox says

    Jack Stack

  37. This comes at just the right time for me since I’m just out of my Jack Stack steak rub. If you don’t believe me you don’t know Jack. That’s a fact, Jack. Jack be nimble. Jack this. Jack that. Just Jack.

  38. Todd \"Doomer\" Dooms says

    Had some Jack Stack when I was in KC. They’ve got some tasty stuff!

  39. Judd Newcomb says

    Everything I could think of regarding jack was too inappropriate to post here…

  40. Jack and Jill went up the hill to start their BBQ. Jack fell down and lost his sauce, and Jill entered a contest to win some!

  41. Bob Shields says

    Jack be nimble Jack be quick but Jack better get slathered on my country style ribs because I’am hungry for some Jack BBQ sauce

  42. Derek Garcia says

    I humbly request some Jack Stack BBQ Sauce

  43. michelle O. says

    Jack Stack is the best BBQ in KC!!!

  44. And the winners are (from

    – 1 Kevin Gibbens (grand prize)
    – 30 Chilebrown
    – 34 Paula Cull
    – 5 Jericho

    Please email me your address and your phone number to which you’d like the sauce sent by Friday July 15th or you forfeit your right to claim the prize.

    If you didn’t win, don’t be discouraged – next week is going to be HUGE.

    BBQ Sauce Reviews

  45. My email address is brian @

  46. juan restrepo says

    you dony have to know jack about bbq to know jack is the best

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