Free Sauce Friday: Oregon Dan’s BBQ Sauce

Free Sauce Friday is here again!!

Oregon Dan has 5 flavors of sauce – which can be found here.

Winners Announced:  Congrats to Troy Wells who got the grand prize!

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  1. Apricot sounds like a winner but so does the medium heat one. AGHHH, don’t make me choose, let me win for once! =) I will be more apt to give a honest review if able to try them all!!

  2. The first one I would get would be the apricot BBQ – I’m all about fresh fruit, and I’ve never had a fruit BBQ sauce.

  3. The Red Wine Marinade sounds tasty.

  4. Derek Garcia says

    Apricot sounds interesting. I’d also like to try medium BBQ.

  5. Hey all, I’m pushing the contest out until nextweek. Turns out I had scheduled this posting in advance by accident… Please check back next week!!!


    • Jacque Hubbard says

      Hope even if I commented on the wrong week, per say, I am still allowed to count my comment as valid for THIS weeks contest?!! =)

  6. I’m a big fan of fruit, so I’d go for the apricot sauce.

  7. So do our previous, too early, entries count? If not, I still like the sound of the Red Wine Marinade.

  8. good question Anson, I will try to manually enter the older entries into the Rafflecopter widget, but it would certainly help if you did it!! 🙂 Happy Friday.

  9. I am pretty much open to any of them, but tha apricot does sound good

  10. Christopher Sorel says

    I love fruit and apricot sound great
    Oregon Dan’s Apricot BBQ Sauce

  11. Appricot

  12. I’ve never tried a fruit BBQ sauce so I would like to try the Apricot one. I’m always a sucker for a sweet sauce. 🙂

  13. Definitely Apricot and it’s going on some pork chops (w/ sautéed shallots).

  14. Sign me up for the medium – I like a bit of heat. As always, I’m gonna slop it on some chicken.

  15. Nicole Craig says

    the apricot sounds pretty good!!

  16. Im thinking the apricot sauce on apricot smoked pork ribs sounds good!

  17. Hugh moriarty says

    I would like original and the red wine marinade

  18. Habanero hot is the way to go!

  19. Oregon Dan’s Habanero Hot BBQ Sauce sounds like the one for me!

  20. I woulD like to try the apricot on a pork tenderloin.

  21. Ooo yeah Apricot on pork. I like that idea.

  22. Wow! Oregon Dan’s Apricot BBQ Sauce sounds delicious. Hope I can win the chance to taste it.

  23. Would love to try them all…

  24. Habanero all the way.

  25. Medium and Habanero

  26. I would love to try the oringinal with some chicken. Oh yeahQ

  27. kyle maker says

    Original sounds perfect, always go with the flagship!

  28. I would like to try the Red Wine Marinade on a London Broil. I would let the meat soak in the marinade for a day, smoke the meat at low heat for about two hours, wrap it in foil with the remaining sauce for about an hour, unwrap it and then give it some high heat for a nice crust.

  29. I would choose the Red Wine Marinade and take it to Arty’s house for a London Broil! He seems to know what he’s doing ( =

  30. Jacque Hubbard says

    Apricot sounds like a winner but so does the medium heat one. AGHHH, don’t make me choose, let me win for once! =) I will be more apt to give a honest review if I am able to try them all!!

  31. I would love to choose the Original sauce on a nice grilled steak, cooked to perfection, where the juices of the steak and the Original sauce meld together to give my mouth a unheard of culinary experience. My oh my, some potato salad and it’s summer again.

  32. I to would like the original for my grillled chicken. This is a nice selection of barbacue sauces.

  33. Grand prize is Troy Wells!!

    Everyone send me their physical address in an email to


  34. This has been a good week for free BBQ sauce at the Kennedy Compound. First the Golden Toad crate of sauce came yesterday and today I found a box with Oregon Dan’s sauces at my front door.

  35. Dimitry Halvorsen says

    Wow! This is a really nice giveaway! I always wanted to make a deepfried turkey, but never got around to get the equipment. In fact, I was watching Alton Brown’s show just a few days ago where he explained how to deepfry it step by step! If I win it, I am going to invite a lot more people for Thanksgiving and FRY US SOME BIRD!!!

    Btw, Thank you for doing this!!

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