Free Sauce Friday: Patterson’s Old Fashioned Mopping Sauce

Free Sauce Friday is back my friends !!

And to start the BBQ Sauce Giveaway season in a big way, we’ll have a CRAZY 8 Winners thanks to the folks who make Patterson’s Mopping Sauce!

Each winner will each get 3 bottles of sauce shipped to their home address.

Yeah, we’re giving away 24 bottles of sauce.

Here’s how to win:

  1. Go to the Patterson’s Mopping Sauce Facebook Page – Like it, and tell them BBQ Sauce Reviews sent you!
  2. Make a comment on this blog post (not facebook) and tell us what you would do with this sauce if you won it.
  3. That’s it.


  • Only one comment per household please
  • Contest starts Friday March 16th and ends Monday March 19th 11:59pm (winners announced Tuesday)
  • Winners to be selected randomly via
  • Winners will be notified via blog comments (check the subscribe to comments box or check back late Tuesday night to see if you won).
  • You will have one week to email your physical address or “you snooze you lose rule” is in effect (you forfeit the prize)


  • Brady McElligott
  • Buddy Burkhamer
  • Neil Buchwalter
  • SmokeInDaEye
  • Sarah Krill
  • Dale Lewis
  • Denise Lynn
  • BBQ Grail

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  1. I’m thinking of mopping a slow cooked pork butt with my sauce!

  2. Christopher Sorel says

    mopping up some ribs with this sauce and then a port butt

  3. Dale Lewis says

    With temps hitting 80 tomorrow in Denver, we are back to smoking ribs and chickens need alittle sauce

  4. Chris Vrazel says

    We will have a BBQ party and try the different sauces.

  5. I might have to mop up my floor but I wont be mopping any of this sauce off my face. Going to leave it there as a tribute to how awesome tasting it is!! RIBS, PORK STEAKS, CHICKEN!

  6. Steven Leibowitz says

    I grill and smoke year round, even in winter. I’m always looking for new sauces and rubs. My girls love the smoke pork loins I do and this will be a great splash on the festivities.

  7. I hope to use this mop on some ribs.

  8. Bill Teemer says

    If I won, I would fire up the smoker, do some ribs and pork butt. maybe even a brisket, invite friends over and chill down some bud’s and enjoy this sauce on some great “Q”.

  9. I’m not familiar with Patterson’s but I’d love to try it!

  10. Troy Wells says

    Wow! this does sound down right good… Im with Steven above, I am having a craving for a good ol pork loin which this mop sauce sounds like it would really make tasty! Then again the chicken legs you cooked up using it look awesome as well…

  11. Lionel Bateman says

    I’m thinking some homemade sausage and pork loin works….

  12. I would love to try it on my bbq tri tip!

  13. If I win the sauce, I will be mopping my ribs with it.

  14. Kevin Byrd says

    I am going to mop it all over my butts, ribs, breast, legs, and thighs.

  15. Ed Hopper says

    (Posted on Patterson’s Mopping Sauce’s wall & now here, on this blog)

    BBQ Sauce Reviews sent us to you! We’re gonna put some Patterson’s Mopping Sauce ALL OVER some Smoked Chicken Wingz & at least a case of Ribs. I can not wait! (who could?)

  16. Ron Worby says

    Looking to mop up this sauce some awesome Que… Hook me up please…

  17. dan schultheis says

    Looks like I would win a competition…in my neighborhood! Thanks!

  18. I’ve been wanting to try Pattersons. Looks like a great mop for smoked chicken.

  19. I would use the sauce on chicken and pork products both for grilling and smoking. Have my buddies over to see what we like best!

  20. Sarah Krill says

    If I won the sauce I would dump it on some PETA Demonstrators (jk)!

    I would use the sauce to flavor some delicious chicken and pork, and let my son taste BBQ for the first time! 🙂

  21. Kyle Dullea says

    If I win I’ll incorporate it into my weekly lunch routine: salmon for a few days, chicken for a few days.

  22. Bob Dronski says

    I just got a CharGrill Akorn Kamado Kooker yesterday. Already used it once, and I can see this will be a long time smoker love affair. Be great to try new sauces along with the new grill!

  23. I’d try it on ribs and maybe pork butt !

  24. I’d have a BBQ party and let lots of people try the free sauce I won!

  25. Glad to have to Free Friday Giveaways’ back again.

    This sauce would be great mopped on any poultry let it be Turkey, Chicken, Game Hens. The ingredients looks as though it might also be good on Salmon and Steel Head here in the Northwest.

  26. Richard Daley says

    Looking forward to mopping my wings 🙂 yeah!

  27. Kyle Maker says

    What could be better, the opportunity to try a new sauce! I will definately try it and add a bottle to the “Wall of Fame”! I am guessing – that it is good otherwise why send it?

  28. Roger Kirkland says

    Plan on smoking turkey legs this weekend and this sauce sounds perfect….

  29. Patrick M says

    Hmm, I’m thinking slather some nice pork ribs with it…

  30. I’d use this sauce on burgers!

  31. Bob Shields says

    if I won then I just got a half of a hog and its looking for some good sauce and my buddies would love some good sauce and pork comming out of my smoker, yumo

  32. I smoke up a mess of ribs and then make the guys wait and wait while I’d snap photos. It’s hard being the family of a BBQ writer (-:

  33. If I won, I would be so excited to try this new BBQ Sauce and would mop it up with just about anything that would fit on the grill…I LOVE to BBQ all year round~Can’t wait to try it out.

  34. Paula Cull says

    I have a beef brisket that I’ve been waiting to smoke. The sauces would be perfect!

  35. Jeremy Koller says

    Theres nothing like mopping a fresh piece of brisket over an open flame with some old fashioned mopping sauce while sippin’ on a cold one. So, thats what I would be doing with Pattersons Old Fashioned Mopping Sauce if I won!

  36. I’d drink it!

  37. Mike O'Haver says

    I would like to use your product on a whole slab of my famous smoked ribs!!! 🙂

  38. BBQ Grail says

    I’d like to win some of this sauce!

  39. Kelly Ann T. says

    I would like to use it on my grilled and pulled chicken.

  40. Brian Polak says

    Ima sauce up my food! Oh yeah.

  41. Russell Potter says

    I want to use this Sauce on some Ribs Next weekend.

  42. Patty Kasiewicz says

    Oh yeah baby back ribs !!
    I’d love to get this BBQ sauce in my grill.

  43. Neil Buchwalter says

    I’d mop some ribs and a butt and if there’s any left after that, I’d do try it on a turkey breast.

  44. mop my ribs … and maybe a possum….and get Neil over with that turkey breast .

  45. Mopping ribs, mopping chicken, mopping pork, hmmmmm,why am I getting hungry!!!!!

  46. Hugh moriarty says

    Chicken and ribs

  47. I have never tried ribs and there’s no better way to try them than to mop them with some of Patterson’s Old Fashioned Mopping Sauce!

  48. I’d mop some chicken, ribs, and hamburgers amd have a Patterson’s Old Fashion Mopping Sauce BBQ cookout

  49. tom the lawyer says

    I’d smoke some ribs and chicken and then mop it all with Patterson’s Old Fashion BBQ sauce!

  50. Cindy B(bq) says

    oh I would defintely grille up some chicken breast and mom them all in Patterson’s old fashion mopping sauce and serve up some BBQ chicken sandwiches!

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