Free Sauce Friday: RavensBark BBQ Sauces

Here’s another great giveaway – I always love when the sauce vendor is willing to go above and beyond a “typical giveaway” of a few sauces.  This Free Sauce Friday will have 10 winners!!


  • Grand prize is a RavensBark full sized (Sampler Pack-4 flavors) & $25 AMEX gift card (CHA CHING!! $$$$)
  • Second prize is a RavensBark full sized (Sampler Pack-4 flavors)
  • Third prize is a RavensBark Pup Pack (4 flavors 2.5 oz bottles)
  • Runners up 4 – 10 receive a bottle of sauce, choice of flavor.


To win you need to complete both two tasks below as specified below or you are disqualified.

  1. Like the RavensBark Facebook page and write “BBQ Sauce Reviews sent me!”
  2. Comment on this blog post answering the question, which sauce would you want to try?”

RavensBark is available in 4 flavors – descriptions can be found here!


  • One comment per person (some folks are starting to abuse the giveaways, please enter only once)
  • US only (Sorry folks!)
  • Contest starts Friday July 29 and ends August 1st (winners announce Monday night)
  • Winners to be selected randomly via
  • Winners will be notified via blog comments (check the subscribe to comments box or check back late Monday night to see if you won).
  • You will have one week to email your physical address or “you snooze you lose rule” is in effect


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  1. It’ll be The General for me…

  2. I want to try The Firehouse!! (Liked the RavensBark page and posted on their wall)

  3. i want to try the firehouse i love anything fire hot

  4. Definitely the General. That penguin cracks me up

  5. The General sounds like the choice for me!

  6. The General for me

  7. Would love to get a bottle of the Hickory! I’d give it to my brother who has a black lab named Raven!

  8. Troy Wells says

    I would like to try the General please… 🙂

  9. BUZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! The Bumble-B!!!

  10. Rich Daley says

    Firehouse for me!

    Let’s keep the summer heat on!

  11. Cameron Ray says

    I’m already a Fan on Facebook, but left the comment! And kick down some of that Firehouse! Yowza!

  12. Sice its been in the high 90s with a heat index of over 100 i think id like to cool down with some brew, wings and a nice thick layer of Bumble-B slathered on them…and then follow that up with some of that toffee…did anyone else see that? BBQ sauce and Toffee may go well as a pair!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Nicole Craig says

    I would love to try the Hickory….please

  14. Firehouse.

  15. Would love to try the General if/when I win. Thanks!!

  16. I want to fly like a butter fly and be stung like a Bumble Bee – Bumble Bee for me.

  17. I would love to try The Firehous. I love Habaneros.

  18. Jess Fuquay says

    I like what RavensBark brings to the table – 4 different flavors, no HFCS(This should be labeled on the bottle!), and great reviews!

  19. April Copeland says

    The General

  20. Julie Kirkwood says

    It’s the General for me, time to slather up ’em ribs!!!

  21. Jason Prince says

    I would like to try The General (:

  22. Would love to try the hickory or the bumble-b.

  23. Todd \\\\\\\"Doomer\\\\\\\" Dooms says

    Oh…can’t decide on The Hickory or The General

  24. Since there’s no Toffee flavored sauce and even if the Toffee was available, I would want to try The General. The Bumble Bee also looks pretty awesome.

  25. Chris Sorel says

    The bumble-b since i love honey then want to try general

  26. Goin big and crossing my fingers for the GRAND PRIZE!!!! All 4 flavors FULL SIZE and 25$???? Hellz yea!

  27. Hugh moriarty says

    I’d love to take “The General” for a spin!

  28. Barb Visser says

    The “Firehouse” would definitely be the biggest hit at our house!

  29. Nikki C. says

    Considering I like it hott, FIrehouse seems to be right up my alley…
    but even a little devil like me needs a little sweet sometimes, so Bumblebee would work too.


  30. jared hatfield says

    i would like to try them all, but, the hickory would be great too

  31. Firehouse! hope its hot enough….

  32. James Purcell says

    I’d like to try the Bumble-B on some chopped chicken!

  33. Bob Shields says

    Heck I’am open to try any or all your sauces as I share with other BBQ friends of mine.

  34. juan restrepo says

    Firehouse is the way to go baby!!

  35. richard cornett says

    i would like to try the general sauce… sounds very tasty!!!!

  36. Judd Newcomb says

    Let’s try the bumble bee! My wife is getting sick of spicy things I force her to eat 🙂

  37. The General, on a colonel of major pork, from the Grill Sergeant.

  38. Robert Cox says

    It’s my turn to win a bbq sauce like general

  39. Anybody who’s been paying attention knows I like it hot. So The Firehouse is the one for me. Besides, I always like to support the first responders.

  40. Ralph Butera says

    It is so hard to find a good sauce that taste good and has some zing- so I’d like to try the Firehouse

  41. Wes Mason says

    I would definatey want ‘The General’.

    Wish me luck!

  42. Kim Boose says

    Would love to try some Bumble-B slathered on some wings while watching the Ravens take on those bumble bee colored Steelers!

  43. Bryan Lee says

    I would lover to try some of that Hickory flavor. I can smell it right now glazing on the meat during the last ten minutes of the cook.
    I am HUNGRY!

  44. They all sound quite yummy, but I think I’d most like to try The General.

  45. All of the sauces sound very appetizing. I’m intrigued by The Hickory and The Firehouse.

  46. kyle maker says

    A compromise is in order since we can afford to default! Why can’t we all just get along?, of course it would be easier to do it with any of the 4, especially the General. By the way, why isn’t this called Emporer For Life?

  47. I would like to try The General or The Bumble-B. Both sound great.

  48. Jennifer says

    I think the Hickory would be great for just a little smokier flavor.

  49. Caitlin Brown says

    I would LOVE to try the FIREHOUSE! It sounds Hot!

  50. I really like Smokey flavors! So I do believe that The Hickory would be the one for me.

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