Free Sauce Friday: Russ and Franks BBQ Sauce

It’s another Free Sauce Friday.  Whooo hoooo!   This is a great one for people who like it hot, people who like it a little spicy (I gave sassy 5 stars), and for everyone else.   It’s sponsored by Russ & Frank’s BBQ Sauce – so thanks a lot guys!

We will have 4 Winners – each get their choice of BBQ sauce and a T-shirt

To win you must complete both of these items!

  1. “Like” Russ and Frank’s Facebook page
  2. Comment on this blog here (not Facebook) telling us which Russ & Frank’s sauce flavor you’d get (Mild, Sassy, Fiery, Xtra Fiery).

This contest ends earlier than usual.  Winners will be announced late Sunday night April 8th at 10pm EST.


Jason (jtnorthwest)
Michelle Fairbairn
jerry greene

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  1. Michelle Fairbairn says

    My teen puts (mild) BBQ sauce on everything!

  2. Jeremy Koller says

    I would get Sassy! To go along with the “Sissy” wings I had last night at Palominos in Bay View, WI. Delicious btw!

  3. I would try all of them. If I were to pick one it’d probably be the sassy sauce.

  4. Troy Wells says

    Sassy for me! Sounds great!

  5. Fiery it be for me!

  6. jerry greene says

    We see a lot of BBQ sauce and would love to try this one, probably on the sassey level.

  7. Kyle Dullea says

    I always go sassy!

  8. William S. says

    Sassy sounds like a good start for tasting!

  9. Dale Lewis says

    It’s Easter weekend that means the first of many family gatherings this spring and summer.
    I need SASSY to breakup the same ole family gathering.

  10. I would love to try the Fiery Sauce. I always like to spice things up.

  11. Definitely Sassy, based on the review.

  12. Kevin Byrd says

    i like it “Sassy”!

  13. Brian Yantorno says

    Everything’s better with a little heat, so my favorite would be the Xtra Fiery.

  14. I’d go fiery just since it sounds cool. Might not be man enough for extra fiery, however.

  15. Brady McElligott says

    I would first try the Fiery, since I grew up with HOT bbq sauces; then if I really liked that, I would migrate to X-tra Fiery. With super-hot bbq sauces, I like to make sure that there is a lot of taste, and not just heat.

  16. Paula Cull says

    I’d like to try some sassy sauce!

  17. Ira Pupko says

    Hoping to try. I love the packaging…

  18. I would love to try the Sassy!

  19. Kevin Kennaugh says

    The review makes this sauce sound great. I would like to try the Sassy Sauce. I like the jar package. Easier to get every drop of the sauce out! MMM mmm!

  20. Derek Garcia says

    It’s Sassy for me!

  21. Xtra Fiery for me. The hotter the better.

  22. Extra Fiery, i like it hot

  23. ooooo the sassy !!

  24. Jamin Ross says

    Fiery would go great with the brisket I got on the smoker!

  25. I would get the Sassy !

  26. I want me some Sassy!

  27. We have tried Russ & Franks before. If I win I definately will ask for the Xtra Fiery. We like it hot. Oh Yeah!

  28. Christopher Sorel says

    more into sweet and sassy so the mild

  29. Roger Kirkland says

    I would try the sassy sounds like something that would go great with burgers or brisket….

  30. Neil Buchwalter says

    There’s no doubt I use the Xtra Fiery on just about everything – including my breakfast eggs!

  31. I’d get the sassy sauce because I’m a sassy girl 😉

  32. CharlesV says

    I think I’d get the Sassy!

  33. 0bs01337 says

    Xtra fiery! Always love heat!

  34. Staci Hudak says

    Make it FIERY for me! I like it just spicy enough to keep it interesting, but not so it burns going down!

  35. I’m gonna have to go with Sassy!

  36. I a looking for a new sauce and would love to try the mild sauce.

  37. AGirlN@Grill says

    I would like to try some sassy sauce. A little kick sounds good to me!

  38. Start with sassy, see how it goes from there.

  39. Sassy for me!!

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