Free Sauce Friday: Wicked Q BBQ Sauce

It’s Free Sauce Friday again!!   

This time it is brought to you by the fine guys behind Wicked Q BBQ.

They have a sweet sauce, a vinegar sauce, Wicked Que rub, and injection powder.

1 Grand Prize Winner Gets It All:

  • Both sauces
  • Bottle of rub
  • Wicked Que injection powder

3 Runner Up Winner’s Receive:

  • a bottle of sauce (sweet or vinegar)
  • a bottle of our rub

In Order to Win You Must:

  1. Like their Facebook Page
  2. And enter a comment on this blog post using “Wicked” in a sentence!
  3. That’s it – bonus points for creativity!


  • Winners will be chosen on Sunday April 22 10pm EST
  • US only


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  1. Jeremy Koller says

    Barbecue sauces are more to be feared than the wicked!

  2. Dale Lewis says

    It would make a wicked NFL draft party for this coming weekend if we had some of this sauce and rub for our ribs and brisket.

  3. Kevin Byrd says

    “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” when you eating Wicked Q BBQ.

  4. I have a wicked hangover today…

  5. Donna Yost says

    When I am good I am good.. But when I am wicked I am even better!.. So put Wicked Que on your BBQ today!

  6. Judd Newcomb says

    ^^ me too, had a few too many beers whipping up a wicked bbq rub for friday night grilling.

  7. I hope to get Hot, Wicked and Nasty of the Que.

  8. Kyle Dullea says

    It would be wicked awesome if I could finally win some ‘que!

  9. Christopher Sorel says

    Wiked good BBQ is not found when you boil ribs!!

  10. “She’s wicked but she’s such a delight”

    -Robert Hunter

  11. Wicked Father, Wicked Mother, Product – Wicked Son !!!
    I Be Wicked 😉

  12. Kristina Wetter says

    No rest for the Wicked when it comes to BBQ

  13. I would rather be BBQ’ing with Wicked products than to have my wife drag me to the Broadway show Wicked!

  14. Rev. Don Anderson says

    Even though I’m a Pastor I would still say wicked BBQ sauce is a good thing.

  15. One, two, three and I come with the wicked style
    And you know that I’m from, the wicked crew
    so get me some sauce that I can slather on and chew
    or else I’ll be forced to go down to the Red, Hot, and Blue

  16. Walter Schumacher says

    Wicked Que wicked bbq sauce sauce is wicked amazing!

  17. Wicked huh? Let’s see !

  18. Scott Dodds says

    Normaly Wicked is something bad, but when it comes to sauce it’s something opposite,it must be Wickedly Good!

  19. These wicked good sauces would be wicked fun to try on our wicked cool new BBQ. Yum! 🙂

  20. Dale Lewis says

    Today is the 100th Anniversary of Fenway Park, this is the site where a “wicked” curveball originated.

  21. By the burning of my thumbs
    Something Wicked yummy this way comes
    On the grill
    I’m cookin’ up a thrill

    Hey there! My skilled, sweet, and talented hub!
    Want some of these ribs cooked with Wicked Que?!?!

    (inspired by MacBeth and with many, many, MANY apologies to Shakespeare!)

  22. Feels like I just have to have a Mr Deeds quote in here:

    You climbed mountains and built skyscrapers.
    You made TV shows and put out newspapers.
    You were wicked good at doing stocks.
    You liked it when Emilio would change your socks.
    We never hung out and that makes me sad.
    All the good times we could’ve had.
    But when I die, Uncle Preston, you better say “Cheers”.
    Cause when me and you are hanging at the pearly gates, I’ll bring the beers. I’ll bring the beers.

  23. Troy Wells says

    Im going to “Wicked” the sh*t out of my meat if I win! 🙂

  24. Jamin Ross says

    My wife tried to get me to go see wicked. I said “no need…” “I won the bbq sauce!”

  25. John Daly says

    I’m ready for some wicked pulled pork with some Wicked Que vinegar sauce. Ya!

  26. Bob Shields says


  27. Jimmy Deaton says

    You and your guest will have a wicked good time with our sauces and rubs

  28. Aint nothin’ like enjoyin’ some awesome QUE while watchin’ the WICKED NHL playoffs this weekend…… GO PENS!

  29. Brian Yantorno says

    Winning Wicked BBQ sauce would be wickidy wickid!

  30. Drew Edwards says

    I make wicked Q for my wicked crue!!

  31. albina sorel says

    my husband would be wicked happy if I won him some

  32. Don McLucas says

    You will go hog wild when you use Wicked Que Sauce on wild hogs.

  33. To win the Suncoast BBQ Bash in Venice,Florida this weekend using these products would be wicked cool no doubt about it…

  34. Kyle Maker says

    Wicked! used as an adjective. The better use would be as a noun or adverb. As in wickedly good, (adverb) or Wicked,(noun). Actually I am sure no one cares – I think that trying the Wicked Que would solve any bbq and or english problem!

  35. Evan Adair says

    A Wicked haiku:

    Wicked dry or wet
    Makes my meat taste so divine
    How I love “Sweet Blue”

  36. I made some wicked brisket on the smoker, really, it was the boss!
    Dumped it in the trash though, when I realized I was out of Wicked Sauce.

  37. My ex-mother in-law was wicked, she flew on a broom. I hope your sauce is as wicked good as she was bad.

  38. Something “Wicked” this way should come…. so just send me some!!!

  39. On a scale from one to two, my number one is Wicked Que!!!

  40. Wicked me this wicked me that batman, I bid you adiue as it’s time to use my wicked Que!

  41. Something wicked is about to turn this dinner into a feast !

  42. The world loves a spice of wickedness.

    – Hyperion, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  43. I’d like to try some of the Wicked Q BBQ products.

  44. Im going to get Wicked trying this new sauce and rub!!!!!

  45. Wicked is as wicked does 🙂

  46. Bruins fans will be wicked pissed when the Caps win and they don’t get any of my delicious bbq


    1 grand prize
    Rev. Don Anderson

    2 Evan Adair

    3 Staci Hudak

    4 Kyle Dullea

  48. Bruce Stevens says

    WO1B is my ham radio call sign and known as the Wicked Old 1 Bastard

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