Free Sauce Friday: Zoes Sauces

For this Free Sauce Friday we will have 3 Winners thanks to Littles and Lydees Foods – creators of Zoe Sauces.

  • Main Prize will be 1 BBQ Dipping Sauce, 1 Jerk BBQ Sauce, and 1 Dry Marinade (see here for descriptions)
  • 2 Runners up will receive their choice of Jerk Sauce or BBQ Dipping Sauce

To win you must complete both tasks below

  1. Enter a comment on this blog post using the word “Jerk” in it.
  2. Head over to the BBQ Sauce Reviews Facebook page and write something – anything.  From “hello” to suggestions to positive feedback.  Whatever you want to say.

Contest starts now. 

Winners will be announced Sunday June 3rd at 10pm EST.

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  1. The jerk store called…they’re all out of you.

    Wait, no, they’re all out of Zoe’s Sauces, so I better win some!

  2. Christopher Sorel says

    The jerk store called and they want some jerk chicken made with Zoe’s

  3. don’t be a jerk and send me some free sauce!!! LOL

  4. Chad Smith says

    I love Jamacian Jerk Spice so I am sure I will love The Zoe Sauce Jerk BBQ Sauce.

  5. Judd Newcomb says

    I may call you a jerk if I don’t win!

  6. Huh? I am not a bum. I’m a jerk. I once had wealth, power, and the love of a beautiful woman. Now I only have two things: my friends and… uh… Zoe’s BBQ sauce.

  7. I’d love a Jerk sauce Please!

  8. Brian Yantorno says

    I love to “Jerk” my meat when making “Jerk” chicken with Zoe’s “Jerk” sauce.

  9. Jeremy Koller says

    Huh? I am NOT a bum. I’m a jerk. I once had wealth, power, and the love of a beautiful woman.

    Now, all i need is the love of the beautiful Zoe’s Jerk BBQ sauce.

  10. Kyle Dullea says

    Jerk BBQ for a BBQ jerk.

  11. Michael Capuano says

    Part of Steve Martin’s tour rider is that no one is to ask him or even mention the film “The Jerk.”

    • that’s funny Michael, is that true?

      • Michael Capuano says

        I am the web developer for an amphitheater and it was one of their “horror” stories about dealing with talent, of which there are many. I have always appreciated Steve Martin’s comedy, but as a former musician, I have seen more than one idiosyncratic prima donna in my time: The kind that will demand you drive 100 miles to get them Starbucks and Fage yogurt only to leave it on the table untouched, or pretend that they have a sprain so they do not have to shake hands or sign autographs. One on hand, I know firsthand (on an amateur level) how difficult the road can be; conversely, anyone with even a modicum of success owes it entirely to their fans and, in my opinion, should act accordingly. Just my humble opinion.

  12. Brian McCumsey says

    I have a rare condition. I turn into a Hulk of a jerk if I don’t get me some free sauce.

    Please keep this from happening by providing sauce. The choice is yours.

  13. I love Jamacaom Jerk chicken. It burns so good.

  14. KEN MORRISON says


  15. Kevin Kennaugh says

    I would be a jerk if I didn’t try to get these sauces.

  16. Bob Shields says


  17. BBQ Sauce Reviews sent me….. hey this ‘IS’ BBQ Sauce reviews…
    What a Jerk 🙂

  18. Meghan Finley says

    Man, do I love me some jerk chicken

  19. My ex-husband was a JERK–actually both of them were!!!

  20. Don’t jerk me around! Give me the flippin’ sauces or else I’ll punch you in your Little Lydees.

  21. Good luck everyone and thank you all for posting. If you do not win, purchase a bottle or two – we would love to hear your thoughts on the taste of our products

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