Free Stuff Friday: Mr. Bar-B-Q Stainless Steel Hot Dog Roller

Not everyone likes sauce (sad to say…), but EVERYONE loves free stuff, especially free HOT DOG stuff!

Here’s a fun one!

We’re giving away 3 of these handy dandy hot dog roller cookers that make it easy to grill a perfect hot dog!

Don’t believe me? Check out Jay Prince’s review of these modern metal meat spinners.


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  • Comment on this blog answering the question:  what are your favorite hot dog toppings?

Contest Ends Sunday May 13th at 10PM EST.

Here’s a preview:  Yumm!    Time to get rolling.

WIENERS ANNOUNCED!  (I mean Winners)


 My favorite toppings on my dogs are dill pickle spear, mustard, cole slaw, and baked beans. Sounds like a gross mess, but it’s REALLY good!

 Bacon and cheese!
Brian Yantorno
I like a 5 way hot-dog! Chili, Onion, lots of Cheddar, and Jalapeno’s. The heart-attack on a plate!

Photo from Jay Prince

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  1. my favorite toppings are spicy mustard from bauers in ny and sauercraut!!

  2. My favorite toppings would be Diced onions, smothered in chili and cheddar cheese!!

  3. My favorite toppings on my dogs are dill pickle spear, mustard, cole slaw, and baked beans. Sounds like a gross mess, but it’s REALLY good!

  4. diced onions and cheese!

  5. Favorite toppings: Sabrett Onions, Sabrett Onions and more Sabrett Onions!!!

  6. My favorite toppings? Definitely chili and cheese!!!!!

  7. I like mustard on my hot dogs

  8. Miracle Whip,Diced onions,dill pickle spear, mustard.

  9. Chili, onions, cheese and jalapeno.

  10. Ernie Rupp says

    My favorite toppings is bbq sauce and grilled onions. I would really like to win this for my son who has an dislike of grill marks on his hot dogs. Looks like a great product.

  11. nmuller328 says

    My favorite hot dog topping is spicy mustard, sweet relish and sauerkraut

  12. My faves are mustard, ketchup, relish,onion, sauerkraut.

  13. spicy mustard, ketchup, fried onions and pickles !

  14. Gavorite toppings would have to be sourkrout, onions, chilli and mustard

  15. Kevin Byrd says

    I am from South Carolina so its Mustard, Chili, Onions.

  16. Jeremy Koller says

    Chili & cheese… YES! its 7:50 here and now I am starving!!

  17. My favorite toppings are chili and cheese.

  18. The only topping I need is ketchup for my hot dogs.

  19. diane conover says

    I love brown mustard,kraut and swiss cheese !Awesome and sometimes a throw a few onions on it Thanks!I love hot dogs cooked on a roller

  20. new dill pickles!

  21. My favorite hotdog toppings are Stadium Mustard, and warm kraut.

  22. I usually just have ketchup on my dogs…if I’m feeling adventurous I’ll add some onions or relish…not a big fan of mustard.

  23. Bacon and cheese!

  24. Mustard and relish!

  25. My Favorite toppings are onions and hot sauce.

  26. William S. says

    I like a good Sonora dog. Bacon wrapped with salsa and beans.

  27. Ron Lewen says

    Yellow mustard, neon green relish, chopped onions, tomatoes, cuke slices, dill pickle spear, celery salt and a couple of sport peppers!

  28. Mustard, pickles, tomatoes, hot sauce and oh yeah… Bacon wrapped.

  29. The only things that should ever be on a dog or brat, brown mustard and kraut.

  30. JOHN BELLESI says

    My favorite hot dog toppings are chili and diced onions with a slice of cheese. Also love sauerkraut and a good spicy mustard.

  31. Chili!

  32. Bar-b-q suace and Bacon! Of course! I’m from Kansas City! I think this is a great idea Mr BBQ and I can’t wait to cook some hot dogs kansas city style!!!!!!

  33. Brian Yantorno says

    I like a 5 way hot-dog! Chili, Onion, lots of Cheddar, and Jalapeno’s. The heart-attack on a plate!

  34. TG Giannelli says

    Grilled onions and jalapeños – spicy mustard on a toasted egg bun

  35. Mike Ditch says

    My favorite toppings are Grilled onions and bell peppers, chili, and cheese.

  36. My all time favorite is plain old yellow mustard and a sliced kosher dill pickle. And of course, a cold Beer!

  37. John Adams says

    Favorite Hot Dog Toppings Humm. Well being from Washington State, it would be dill pickle relish, grilled onions, and sweet peppers with mustard, and maybe a little Ketchup. Also,
    use just use homemade BBQ sauce in place of Mustard and Ketchup.

  38. Meg Ferguson says

    I love relish, ketchup, and yellow mustard

  39. James Mitzel says

    I want one of those hot dog rollers it looks cool.

  40. Lisa Bowman says

    I like yellow mustard and strong, raw onions!!!!

  41. Bob Shields says


  42. Bruce Stevens says

    Flo’s Hot Sauce & celery salt (Local Favorite)some like it with mayo too

    Howard’s Piccalilli w/Mustard w/wo Onion

    Grilled Dogs topped w/Sauerkraut Thousand Island Dressing topped w/Cheddar Cheese baked till Golden Brown

  43. susitravl says

    BBQ Sauce, Grilled Onions and Mustard.

  44. My favorite dawg toppings are BBQ Sauce, onions, and smoked cheese.

  45. Relish and mustard

  46. Homemade chili, onions, and lots of cheese! 🙂

  47. Evan Adair says

    I prefer my wiener naked.

  48. Joe Star says

    Pineapple Relish, Sweet Onion… AMAZING!!!

  49. Meghan Finley says

    I liked and commented. I’m partial to ketchup and relish

  50. I like Mustard and Relish as well as chile.

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