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I will pick the 3 winners from the comments left below and those 3 winner’s names will be announced on this post on Monday.

(The giveaway ends on Sunday 11:59pm EST!)

Also be sure to check out the review I did on the Grillion here.


***The 3 winners of the Grillion Giveaway are:***

1: William S.

2: Kevin Byrd

3: Staci H.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter our latest Giveaway! Have a wonderful week!

Thanks again!

Jay Prince


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  1. I could really use this product. My grill is so dirty that wild animals are getting stuck and preserved in my pit. The ‘La Brea Tar Pit’ has nothing on the Chilbrown BBQ pit.

  2. My Smoker deserves the Grillion to aid in the cleaning of all the swine and bovine off the grates!!

  3. Alan Bowman says

    If I don’t win, I might cry.
    If I DO win, I might cry.

  4. If I win I will actually have to clean my pit. The neighborhood cats will be highly upset, because I will no longer just leave the pit doors open!!

  5. Why shouldn’t I win? I’m the best! Around! Nothing’s gonna ever keep me down!


  6. I am a meat sevant! This will complete me and make me one with my grill.

  7. Gordon Berger says

    This looks to be a premium product far beyond what I normally use to clean my gas grill or Big Green Egg. The average wire brush, grate cleaner, etc. aren’t durable and do not do a reliable job of cleaning the grate. I don’t want my steak to taste like last night’s salmon! If it’s what it’s billed to be, it’s a must have product that I must have.

  8. I am lazy and do not like cleaning my grill, so this would be perfect for me! LOL

  9. Well, I don’t have a Facebook account, nor will I ever get one. But consider your site “liked” by me as it’s been in my Google Reader for quite some time now. I do think I should win so I can freak my wife out when I start wiping an onion across my grill. She’s knows I’ve already got the grilling disease badly, now she’ll know I’ve totally lost my mind. Heh!

  10. If I win, I can show all my customers your product and how great it works.

  11. Another non facebook user like here!

    I have a couple of grills i should probably clean……

  12. I’d give up a million, just to use The Grillion!

  13. Kyle Dullea says

    I grill every week and smoke ribs almost every weekend, so the Grillion would be a MAJOR help in clearing out all the grime that accumulates on my equipment. I hope I win!

  14. Kevin Byrd says

    I need The Grillion because an onion a day will knock that dirtiness out of the way.

  15. Lisa Bowman says

    My smoker is funktastic from all the pork, chicken, turkey and ribs!! It needs some TLC!!

  16. rick corby says

    wow this looks great. would now like to have one. glad i signed up for these reviews to learn about different products thanks

  17. Bob Shields says

    what the heck man, I got 2 big 6 burner gas grills and a smoker that all got to be kept up and I could use some help, thanks.

  18. I hate using wire brushes on my gills and smokers. They damage my coated grates and the wires either break off or end up coated in funky grease. YUCK! I’d love to find a better way to keep things sanitary and clean.

  19. I neeed the Grillion!! Tired of using my grill fork to hold the onion.

  20. We dont use grill often, so we dont have to change it too often, which makes it even more important to keep the grill clean.

  21. William S. says

    I need one because I’ve reached my daily dietary requirement of wire bristles. Plus, that onion knife looks like it would make awesome waffle fries!!!

  22. What a great idea! My tired old Rocky Mountain Smoker could use some freshining up. Crazy to think an onion would do the trick. Send the Grillion my way – I can’t wait to give it a try.

  23. Don McLucas says

    I use my grill / smoker 4 to 6 times a week, and a wire brush will last between 6 to 10 weeks and it look like a GRILLION will last for years. So an onion a day, will keep the wire brush away.

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