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2: Leave a comment below and tell me what meat you plan on using for your first cook with your new GrillPoppers!

3 winner’s names will be announced on this post; random # generator is used to pick the winners.

(The giveaway ends on Monday 11:59pm EST!)

The 3 winners of the GrillPoppers Giveaway are:

1: Carlye White

2: Courtney

3: Sean Bardwell

You guys have a week from today (2/7/2012) to send your address info to Tom at GrillPoppers at:

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  1. I would use the grillpopper on somce chicken for the first cook.

  2. Awesome pack to give away! These look great, cant wait to give them a try!

  3. Jim Edwards says

    would try the grill poppers product on some fine quality baby back ribs

  4. I think I will try it on some chicken.

  5. christopher sorel says

    I would use them to grill up some pork chops

  6. Rich Campana says

    GrillPoppers would be perfect for the Filet Kabobs I’m cooking this Super Bowl weekend!

  7. Butch Kinerney says

    Can’t wait to try these on some burgers and steaks on the grill. Wish they’d expand the line and fabricate some which could show higher temperatures — like pork or beef on the smoker.

  8. I would definitely use them on chicken…always the hardest thing to time!!

  9. I’m going to use the GrillPoppers on my 1.5″ Ribeyes, Bone-In.

  10. Todd \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ says

    steaks…beef, bison or venison!

  11. I think I’d give this a go with some chicken thighs.

  12. Its a first of its kid Ang got a perfect grill of our holiday Turkey and
    home made Pork Cue! The best!

  13. Definitely would love to give these a try on chicken.

  14. Sean Bardwell says

    I’d use them for smoking steaks ^__^

  15. Troy Wells says

    Id have to say chicken and hamburgers. Every time i cook burgers, someone wants it either medium rare, medium or well done.

  16. carla pedersen says

    my first time I would use chicken!

  17. I would use them on Chicken. That is one meat I struggle with making sure it’s cooked enough. These would be great for that 🙂 Awesome Give-a-way!

  18. Denise Lynn says

    I am really into Lamb right now ~~and have not as yet smoked a roast~~would be very helpful to insure it is not over smoked ~~along with some Jalapeno mint jelly i also plan on smoking along side of it all

  19. I would try it on a big t bone I have in the freezer.

  20. Sandy Griffin says

    These look great I would love to try them out on my pork roast and then my eye round roast. I have trouble with the right temperatures, I think these would help a lot.

    thanks so much for doing all this work,

  21. I use the blades of my tongs to slam into the back of the chicken to test the temperature, This works but it really hurts the presentation. I will use these fantastic grillpoppers to make sure Momma’s chicken is DUNNN

  22. I will use on some chicken breast slowly smoked on the grill

  23. Chicken, love my chicken!

  24. Um I would make burgers and have belgaven (beer) and invite over my in laws.

  25. Want to use these to keep all the picky family members’ orders straight when we grill some beef tenderloin steaks.

  26. My wife like to have her meat well done and I like medium, I consistently end up either over-cooking my meat or undercooking her meat. Now I can finally take the guess-work out of figuring out when our individual meat is done. Also no more fumbling around to insert with meat thermometers over a hot grill – WOW!

  27. Most likely chicken. But who knows?

  28. This is just asking to be used on steak…

  29. I would try to get a thick burger the perfect “medium”!!


  31. I’d try them on steaks !

  32. Chicken or steak first!

  33. Thank you everyone for leaving a comment for our GrillPoppers Giveaway! The 3 winners names are posted above. Have a great week you guys!



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