Friday Giveaway: Grumpy’s BBQ Sauces

Prize:  We will have 6 Winners.   Each will get two bottles of sauce.

To Win, Simply:

  1. On this BBQ Sauce Reviews blog post (not Facebook) write which sauce (s) you’d try and what you’d put it on.
  2. The best comments, decided by me, will win the prizes.

Sauce varieties and reviews:

  • Not So Bold: Sweet and mild – no heat, KC style sauce (my score 3/5)
  • Bold XX: A little sweet and a little heat – my favorite in the Grumpy’s line-up (my score 5/5)
  • Black Label: A thin vinegary spicy for your pulled pork and real BBQ cooking  (my score 5/5)
  • Good Loving Texas Style: A Texas style sauce with a unique blend of spices and a nice BBQ / soy / mustard / cumin flavor (my score 4/5)


  • One entry/comment per person – more than one comment will disqualify you this time.
  • US participants only
  • Winners will be selected based on creativity – so think of funny, or really elaborate things you’d do with this sauce… maybe a song or a rhyme….
  • Any social media activity (Facebook, Twitter, blogs) will get extra credit
  • Anyone who is brave enough to submit a video entry on YouTube will win a BBQ Sauce Reviews T-Shirt.
  • Contest ends Saturday April 9th and will be posted to the comments of this page
  • Good luck!!!!

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  1. Jason Prince says

    Grumpy’s Bold XX BBQ Sauce please:) Can’t wait to put this on some ribs and show my wife what real BBQ sauce tastes like!!!!

    Jason Prince

  2. Posted this through my fan page as well!

  3. Geneva Tompkins says

    I would go for the Not So Bold because my family doesn’t like spicy foods…:(. But, I love to make BBQ Beef Sandwiches with a sweet BBQ Sauce! Hope I get one!!!!

  4. Grumpy’s Bold XX BBQ Sauce please, I would put it on chicken breast for the kids so they would think I am a better cook than their mother and I would also like to try it on some ribs. Tis the season for grillin!

  5. I would go for Grumpys Bold XX! The bolder the better for me and my family! Yum Yum Give me some!!!

  6. Megan Kradzinski says

    The Bold XX sauce. a little tang and a little bite would be a great secret ingredient in my Game Day Chili.

  7. Me encante la salsa de BBQ de Grumpys — es lo mejor!

  8. John Adams says

    I want some real BBQ sauce please send me some up to the wet Northwest!!!!!

  9. John Adams says

    OOp’s I would like the Not so bold so it wouldnt melt our soggy wet Washigton State Tongue’s

  10. Arty Podnos says

    If I received a bottle of Grumpy’s Good Loving Texas Style sauce, I would buy a sweet lookin’ brisket and trim it just right. Then, I would massage it with a nice thin layer of oil and rub it with salt, herbs and spices until that fat ugly hunk of meat looked scrumtious.
    I would fill my hopper with hickory pellets and let that brisket cook until it hits 180 degrees, cover it in foil and cook it another hour or so more.
    When the temperature hits about 195, I will open the foil, coat the brisket with 1/2 bottle of Grumpy’s Good Loving Texas Style Sauce until it glowed that orangey/red color and cover it again for another hour.
    Finally, I would slice that juicy brisket and serve it with the remaining sauce to my family, friends and neighbors. If that deliciousness doesn’t make this world a better place, nothing will.

  11. Michael B says

    Summer’s coming soon
    Smoked pork, a cold budweiser
    A Black Label day

    *a BBQ haiku

  12. Good Loving Texas Style! I would put them on a huge rack of ribs because they do everything big in Texas!

  13. I had a wife once…..i thought she would be sweet and mild like the “Not So Bold’……boy was i wrong, the only way i could get a good nites loving was to try some of this sauce….and talk about grumpyyyyy!

  14. deborah cannon says

    I just got me a new pizza oven/smoker that I’m ready to fire up! Nuttin’ would be better than to throw me on a Boston Butt and cook ‘er low and slow …. I can smell that smoke right now..Mmm mmm. Now to tickle the Butt, I gotsta try me some of that good ol’ Black Label BBQ sauce … a (5 out of 5 for my 5 out of 5 Butt) !! Then to keep up the theme I might try to get me some of that Black Label beer to wash it down with… Sounds like a great way to spend my day. Beer, Butt, and Black Label !!!

  15. Oh while NOT SO BOLD I go to my smoker to make some GOOD LOVING TEXAS STYLE ribs, however I become pleasantly distracted by my neighbor’s BOLD XX walking around in a skimpy BLACK LABEL thong as she demands my neighbor’s attention. So all I could do is smile and enjoy my GRUMPY neighbor at his dismay as I thought of my ribs and the delicious looking BLACK LABEL Boston Butt.

  16. Grumpy has been my middle name as the clock ticks in my barbeque madness. Not sweet enough, too spicy, over done and maybee to perfect. I would use this sauce on some short ribs that may or may not bring Youth to the voices.

  17. Black Label is the sauce for me. I just completed making mods to my smoker (based on the instructions here ) and have been conflicted on what to smoke first: brisket or spare ribs?

    Well, Black Label would answer that question for me. I’d use it as a mopping sauce on the first rack of ribs I cook in my newly modified smoker.

    And as usual I’d post pictures of the entire process to Flickr and Facebook, and tweet the whole way home.

  18. Sandy Griffin says

    On the first sunny day after I get my Good Loving Texas BBQ sauce! I will ready my Big Green Egg yet for one more experiment. I think it sounds like a sauce that would delicious on a smoked brisket. So I would rub my brisket in olive oil then add simple flavors so I don’t mess with the fine taste of the new BBQ Sauce, about one hour before completion of my smoking I would start basting the brisket with the new exciting sauce once I have that caramelized effect onto the chopping block. Nice thin slices on top a hoggie bun with onion and pickles and of course more sauce and serve with sides of potato salad and texas pinto beans.

    Next that wonderful sounding North Carolina style. Ahh the memories of an old fashion “Pig Pickin” yum with this one I will buy me a big ole Boston Pork Butt and do the same prep as before for the brisket ater that it all changes. That pork has to fall off the bone for me then I shred it and do a little chop chop, throw it in the fry pan with a little olive oil, then comes that sauce, reduce the heat and let that sauce do it thing on my pork. This one calls for some coleslaw and baked beans and of course a Pig Picking Pineapple cake! yum yum

    Bring that sauce on!!!

  19. I’ve been looking up BBQ’s all week long and everyday your website pops up and I seem to read another entry about BBQ!!! GREAT SITE! Would love to try the Black Label!

  20. J.W. Bettencourt says

    I would probably enjoy a bottle of Bold XX.
    I don’t care too much about the heat, but I crave sweetness is my BBQ sauce.
    I normally get plain honey BBQ.
    I take a few nice sized pieces of pork, dice ’em up thin and throw them in a pot. Then I submerge them in barbecue sauce and boil them till the sauce boils down and the pork is glazed in a delicious condensed layer.
    It goes well thrown in fried rice or on top of a pizza with your choice of other toppings.
    A monthish ago I made such a pizza pepperoni with this pork put on top basically covering the surface area of the pizza and was shortly thereafter inspired to write my “Ode to Barbecue Sauce.”
    That was with generic Honey BBQ. What bold new heights could Bold XX inspire me to?

  21. bold xx for sure! sounds like it would pair quite nicely with my girlfriend. I’d dump it all over her, now thats good eats!

  22. I like to keep an open mind.
    However, an open mind is not an empty mind.
    Don’t be so open-minded that your brains fall out!

    It is in the spirit of keeping an open mind — that I’d welcome the opportunity to try the Good Lovin’ and the XX.


    Rules were:
    – only 1 comment
    – I encouraged online activity, creativity, and video

    Here’s who won:

    Jason – GREAT VIDEO!
    Courtney – Addicted to Coupons post (check out her FB page)
    Anson – Promise of follow-up online activity, can’t wait!
    Arty Podnos – Recipe for World Peace – of course!
    Michael B – BBQ Haiku – nice.
    J.W. Bettencourt – A good BBQ food plan
    SWAF – using all the brand names in their contest entry

    To claim your prize, winners must email by April 16th 2011 with their home address to claim their prize.

    Thanks and hope to see you next week for another giveaway!
    Brian @

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