Friday Giveaway: Hack’s BBQ Sauce

Free sauce Friday’s are back.   I have 3 bottles of Hack’s BBQ Sauce to giveaway!


  1. Like” Hack’s BBQ Sauce on Facebook (click here) and say BBQ Sauce Reviews sent you!!   AND
  2. Write something below about what the Hack’s BBQ Sauce logo looks like to you.

Complete Rules

You have until Monday May 30th at 1pm EST to make a comment.

(update: contest closed – winners announced at 5pm in comments of this blog post)



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  1. The Hack’s BBQ Sauce logo is clearly a portrait of ManBearPig.

    1/2 man, 1/2 bear, 1/2 pig.

  2. Chris sorel says

    Just the left over head and the rest is on the smoking pit

  3. Bob Shields says

    Hack’s logo looks like the right side of a man’s head with wings while he is BBQing.

  4. Robert Cox says

    Looks like a smiling flying pig

  5. Hack’s logo is really many things combined into one. Of course it looks like a pig head, but then you notice the cheek of the pig looks a lot like a plucked chicken, upside down. The pig’s nose looks like a headless and legless pig, on its back sort of. The eye and the ears remind me of a parrot in flight (which is good because I don’t imagine BBQ’d parrot tastes very good — I could be wrong).

  6. Paula Cull says

    I think the snout looks like an abstract cow, and the jowl looks like an abstract turducken and the ears and eye form into an abstract chicken head with wings, which all combines into a pig with wings for ears. And from Anson’s post, I bet parrot would be delicious barbecued with a rub and some moppin’ sauce…except the beak.

  7. Jason Prince says

    My wife and I think it looks like a mean flying pig head or my face when I run out of BBQ Sauce lol 🙂

  8. J speiss says

    Yep,one mean Boar!

  9. Troy Wells says

    I think It looks like a Pig with wings, coming down from the BBQ heavens….

  10. PorkPullinPorker says

    It appears to be the Luftwaffe of BBQ Sauce ready to dive-bomb your taste buds…

  11. richard cornett says

    The Hack’s logo looks like a very tasty ready to grill flying pig… Just ready to be drenched in some of that sauce!!!

  12. I like the pig head logo. It looks like a One Eyed, One Tail, Flying Porkin Sauce Eater.

  13. Ernie Rupp says

    That is one mean looking pig. looks like he will swoop down and take my que.

  14. that logo looks like a pig on steroids….muscles growing where they shouldn’t be…even the ear is ripped.

  15. Head and tail of a piggy, with big flappy ears for flying.

  16. Jason Malone says

    Makes me think “Demon Pig”

  17. courtney says

    I think it looks like the pig is warning me this is gonna be some good sauce 🙂

  18. Zach Darrow says

    Hack’s logo clearly looks like an angry pig with big ears

  19. kyle maker says

    Looks like one I don’t have. Found anotherone in the Bronx, NYC which I am shipping to myself, (UPS Store).

  20. It looks like a Hog that has just been butchered. There is that little bit of gut hangin. The label is a little scary to me.

  21. The logo is a hog looking up to the heavens for more bbq sauce. Thats where I look when I need more bbq sauce

  22. OK, according to Random Number Generator site, the qualifiers are:

    1 Tommy Russ
    3 Bob Shields
    16 Jason Malone

    The rules specified you also had to comment on Hack’s BBQ Sauce page, so let me check that.

    Tommy is in.
    Bob Shields is in.
    Jason forgot to comment on Facebook, ouch! so the next potential winner would be (back to

    6 = Paula Cull

    Winners of sauce are Tommy Russ, Bob Shields and Paula Cull – please contact Steve at to claim your prize!!

    As always, please follow up with any feedback to us here, or directly to the sauce vendor! I will be glad to post a link to your review, so let me know.

    Everyone else, I hope you are having a great long weekend and see you next week!! More giveaways coming up…


  23. Julie Jones says

    It looks like a pig head with wings coming out of the back of it’s head.

  24. Barbara Shapiro says

    It’s a hog-snouted sauce awaitin’ gnarly pigdude, of course.

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