Giveaway – Uncle Joe’s BBQ Sauce in a Bag

Uncle Joe’s Sauce in a Bag is great. It’s a 5 stars rub that makes excellent BBQ sauce very quickly.  It’s very easy to make and scale down to a single portion or up to a whole family serving size …

The first 20 folks to post a sentence below will each win a packet of Uncle Joe’s BBQ Sauce in a Bag mix.   Cool!!

One lucky winner gets a VISA $50 gift card!!

Rules, the Fine Print:

  • Post a comment below about what you would do with the sauce packet and the $50
  • Most creative comment gets $50
  • The first 20 will get the sauce packet
  • US residents only
  • No podiatrists are eligible for this contest

Good luck and thanks to Sandy from Uncle Joe’s for sponsorship of this contest.

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  1. I would make the biggest plate of pulled pork nachos

  2. Mike Howard says:

    I would purchase $40 worth of St Louis ribs and $10 of beans then smoke the ribs and make baked beans.

  3. I’d eat the $50 and spend the Uncle Joe’s Sauce in a Bag.

    Wait a minute…

  4. Arty Podnos says:

    This sauce looks pretty interesting, I’d love to try it!!!

  5. Judd Newcomb says:

    I would smother the giant brisket harvested from a free range Angus that is sitting in my freezer with it, then slow roast it until it falls apart and melts in your mouth.

    Alternatively, after thinking about that, the brisket may be devoured before the sauce arrives, so i would smother an entire venison backstrap (also sitting in my freezer) in it, and slow roast it in a crock pot until the venison absorbs all of the deliciousness.

  6. I’m going to cook up all three racks of the baby back rib pack from Costco!

  7. lori leblanc says:

    We have just received another 7 inches of snow on top of the 28 inches of last week….my biggest concern… is how to shovel a path to the grill on the deck. Must grill. Must always grill….spring, summer, winter and fall!
    Always trying new sauces as well as tweaking my own gourmet recipe!!

  8. John Bellesi says:

    I would spend the $50 on Baby Back Ribs, smoke them and smother them with Uncle Joe’s BBQ Sauce…

  9. I will take that 50 dollars and put into the purcahse of a Kobe beef brisket and make burnt ends. The sauce would be the finishing touch.

  10. Marc Spickler says:

    If I’d win I would of course try the rub and would end up buying some Baby Back Ribs and sauce to enjoy them on.

  11. Marc Spickler says:

    If I won I would of course try the rubs and buy some Ribs and sauce that you guys have recommended.

  12. I promise not to share this sauce with my podiatrist friends or any of their friends for that matter.

  13. I’m gonna use that rub for something in my Super Bowl Party, but I really gotta compare it to my rub. Have the Dry Rub Super Bowl as part of my Super Bowl Party.

    Dry Rub Super Bowl I
    Uncle Joe’s Sauce in a Bag vs. Mike D’s All Purpose Rub

  14. Kelly Ann T. says:

    I would get the biggest beef brisket I could find I would marinate it in beer or maybe I would just drink the beer and use a premade marinade. Either way I would grill it and then put the sauce ontop. I would have to share it with my two dogs who always watch the grill to make sure I don’t burn anything, but they are not podiatrists they just have more feet and legs than I do. Also I have to promise to share because they can run faster than me too.

  15. I will use the sauce for my ribs Sunday watching the Jets beat the Steelers, then use the gift card on beer at the Super Bowl!!

  16. I would spend the $ 50.00 on a nice Waygu Brisket, use part of the sauce in the bag as a dryrub, then use the rest as a wet mop for the brisket while smoking it over post oak in my backwoods smoker! then enjoy it as the Jets destroy the steelers

  17. I would use the $50 to make my husband take me out on a date (because I desperately need a date night) and I would make my first pork butt which would turn out perfect thanks to you.

  18. I would use the BBQ suace on my next BBQ event than I would use that $50 to bet a friend that I can eat more BBQ Ribs than he can! Please make me $100 richer!! Haha

  19. Bag it. Tag it. Sell it to the butcher at the store.

  20. First I’d invite a few of my best friends to come over for the Super Bowl.

    The day before the game I’d use some of rub on a beef brisket. Let it rest overnight in the fridge and put some hickory chunks in a bucket of water to soak, The next morning I’d fire up the offset smoker on the patio and toss in some hickory. Once at a perfect 220 degrees and smoking like crazy, the brisket would go in.

    After the brisket was going, I’d use some more of the rub on some 1 inch think rib-eyes and let them enjoy themselves in the fridge until the brisket was almost done.

    Then I’d fire up my brand spanking new Weber 18.5 inch grill and cook the rib-eyes to perfection.

    The brisket would get sliced and dressed with a liberal dose of Mad Dog BBQ sauce.

    My friends and I would enjoy a meat feast while watching the Jets win the Super Bowl.

  21. OK. You’ve all won the BBQ sauce in a packet.
    I will be having Sandy from Uncle Joe’s BBQ sauce reach out to you and get your shipping address.

    We will decide the $50 Visa card winner by end of day Sunday!

  22. Tina richardson says:

    I love this sauce! My favorite way to use it is with chicken. Crush some cheezit crackers and throw them in a bag, throw in some grated cheddar cheese, add some uncle joes mix. Dip the chicken breast in melted butter, sahke them up in the bag and bake. It is awesome!!!! I also like to sprinkle uncle joes on scrambled eggs and steamed veggies. Love this sauce mix. You can do anything with it. It’s also awesome sprinkled on popcorn.

  23. OK,
    Crystal’s response really tugged on our heart strings.

    “I would use the $50 to make my husband take me out on a date (because I desperately need a date night) and I would make my first pork butt which would turn out perfect thanks to you.”

    So Sandy and I would like to award the $50 to Crystal with a gentleperson’s agreement that she will follow up here with a link to her first pork butt, similar to how Anson showed us the package of grill arriving, assembly, and grilling.

    Crystal – send your mailing address to brian @ and we’ll send the gift card and hope you will provide proof that the $50 was well spent (on pork butt!!)

    Thanks everyone for playing and lookout for another giveaway this Friday……….

  24. I am buying some delicious meat that I will cover with BBQ sauce.

  25. Each year our team “Smokinwilly Squealer’s” participate in 20 to 30 Barbecue competitions across Georgia and Flordia. It would be most gracious of you to select our team as winner of the sauce packet and $50. We would use it both as a rub and sauce on our pulled pork turn in. The $50 would really help to offset our cost.
    Thank you for consideration.
    Smokinwilly Squealer’s

  26. Sandy Griffin says:

    Smokinwilly, write me a note at and any of you who did not get your free sample. Write me!

  27. We are having a BBQ cook off on May 28th for Bedford in Bloom and would give the rub a winner and use the $50 as part of the prize money or to help contestest purchase meat.

  28. Sandy Griffin says:

    Dear Sue,

    The $50 has already been given away. I would love to help everyone who request but I can’t. Call me and we will discuss the use of Uncle Joe’s BBQ Sauce in a Bag and maybe we can work something out with that part.

    Thanks for your interest,

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