Grandma Foster’s Smooth and Mild (4/5)

According to the label this is smooth, mild and Award Winning sauce.  We see Grandma Foster smiling and holding a drumstick as if to entice us “Sonny boy!  Come grab yer dinner!!”   We see some health benefits called out… “Gluten Free!”  “Cholesterol Free” “FAT FREE”.  This is good to see but it does have some corn syrup in there… which doesn’t allow them to apply for the All Natural Saucie awards.  Funny, I’ve noticed some vendors will stick All Natural on the front in big letters anyway – so I’m glad to see they are highlighted what they’ve got without stretching the truth.

One thing that bugs me about some sauces is when they boast about the sauce being “award winning” and they can’t back it up.  In this case, they really go the extra mile to list out the 5 separate contests they’ve won – which really does say something about the sauce. When it’s more than one venue rating them highly, they are obviously doing something right.

My first sniff was awarded with a nice deep, dark aroma – a little bit ketchup like, but its a smooth mixture with a  nice blend of garlic / tomato vinegar won me over quickly.  And for some reason, it had that staying power with me… the type that makes me go back to the fridge and put it back onto my plate for more.  Now here’s a weird reference for you – but I loved Spaghetti-O’s growing up.  This sauce reminded me of the taste of the variety with hot dogs  –  a great thing, something I practically addicted to for years – but a bit sweeter and without the hot dogs and pasta circles getting in the way.  I love that food can catapult you back in time like that!

This is a nice pleasant sauce, with a few minor touches it’s a five.


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