I Love MeatHouse!

Disclaimer: Earlier in the summer, the MeatHouse offered me a gift certificate to get some free food and write up my experience of their franchised butcher chop… and I’m finally getting around to it now.

The Meathouse is a lot like your local butcher – loaded with knowledge, experience, attention, and of course MEAT – and its available in several locations throughout the U.S. I’m guessing they must be one of the fastest growing butcher shop franchises in the country.  They also offer shipping to anywhere, but the costs can be prohibitive as they must pack the meat with loads of dry ice.I recommend a trip to your local shop if you haven’t tried it yet.
I stopped by the Walpole, Massachusetts location last Wednesday in preparation for having friends over on Thursday night for a Meat Fest and I was pleasantly surprised by the experience.

The Store

The Walpole store was well laid out with a deli in front and the Meat shop in the back. There wasn’t a towering variety of products to choose from – which is a good thing (studies show if people have too many choices they get confused and walk out).   In essence, the menu consisted of meat, sauces, and veggies.  The meat and veggies were in fresh and cryo-pack cold varieties and in naked and marinated varieties.   What to get?     The prices were a bit more than you’d paid at your big chain grocery store, but you don’t see this kind of quality at the supermarket.

Advice in Store

Like a Genius Bar for Meat, the staffers in the store were uniformed, friendly, and they really knew their stuff.  Every employee in the store was busy talking to customers who were asking questions like: which piece of meat to get, how to cook it, what to serve with it, how long it should take, what BBQ sauce goes with it?

The first guy I spoke with, Cameron, became my personal tour guide around the store and helped me to get the most for my money.

He recommended the following:

Blue Seal Kielbasa  – had it pan fried with Moe’s BBQ sauce – so good!

Meat House Marinated Steak Tips (Cryo) – these were amazing with and without BBQ sauce.  Yes I said that something was good without BBQ sauce! (well it turns out they were marinated in a little BBQ sauce with several other sauces and spices).   Cooking on my Weber kettle to get the smoky flavor in there.

Garlic Pepper Potatoes

Maple Bourbon Sweet Potato Fries

Veggies grilled (put them in the gas grill for 30 minutes and then finished them off in the Weber)

Why Did Moe’s BBQ Sauce come in a package like this?  Read on…


I purchased it all except the Moe’s.

I was excited, getting shown around the store on my meat shopping spree, and Cameron (Cam) was asking me about what I did…  I told him about BBQ Sauce Reviews and he got excited… he said you gotta try this Moe’s BBQ Sauce it’s absolutely incredible… “we use it in some of the marinades in the store.”
He told me he was mostly a one sauce kind of guy since he tried the Moe’s BBQ sauce and that I should definitely get some.

So I was getting excited about trying this sauce and we looked to see there was just one bottle left (yes!).   But we walked past it for the moment as he showed me some of the other sauces in the store just because we were on the topic.  Notably I saw Outta the Park, Chubby’s, Stubbs, and Cholula hot sauces.  Not a bad selection at all!

But when we returned to the other section where the bottle of Moe’s was, it had disappeared!   Cam and I both looked around the store – we both saw it a minute ago!    Turns out there was a woman in the store standing near us that happened to pick up the bottle and she was standing at the counter waiting to purchase some meat to sauce with Moe’s.  We let it go and I bought a bottle of Chubby’s instead, because I know Outta the Park and Stubbs already.   Cam was kind enough to get me some Moe’s from the back and placed it in a small container to take home and sample… that is why the Moe’s is in this form.

Chubby’s BBQ Sauce

Bottom Line:

I really liked my experience at the MeatHouse and while the prices are higher than average, it’s a perfect place to go when you are looking to step it up and cook a mean steak or pickup some marinated meats and veggies that are ready to go.   The experience behind the counter is top notch and the service is excellent.

MeatHouse Website

MeatHouse Twitter

The Meat House currently has store locations in 10 states – California, Connecticut, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Texas- with additional locations opening frequently.

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  1. Ernie Rupp says

    Sounds like a nice store. We need more small butcher shops.

  2. Thanks for your comment Ernie, I agree. Nothing like personal attention from people who know their stuff.

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