Kissimmee Red Spicy Grillin’ & Dippin BBQ Sauce (4/5)


This is the sister sauce to the Kissimmee Red Original Grillin’ & Dippin BBQ sauce.   This sauce is built from the same foundation as their original sauce, with 2 subtle differences: the label has a darker theme (an orange background vs a green background), and it’s spicy (the Spicy variant adds ground red pepper and black pepper to the ingredients list).

Let’s take a closer look.

Outside the Bottle

The label is professionally designed and looks great.  Like the original sauce, the spicy sauce brings you to a great scene starring the the Kissimee Red Gator.


The copy writing is good and recommends pulled pork, but I’d prefer to see a different label from the original sauce which calls out the spicy flavor of this sauce.

I also think the tagline “Award Winning Sauce with a Bite” could use a reference to a competition that was won in order to validate the claim but it’s not a showstopper.

Inside the bottle

The color is good – a dark reddish brown.  Definitely pays off the red in the name of the sauce.   The consistency is a bit on the thin side which but it still sticks to the meat quite well.

The flavor uncooked is nice it has a sweet, sharp, and spicy flavor – familiar, but with a nice dose of heat.


Ingredients include ketchup, brown sugar, Worcestershire, mustard, apple cider vinegar, liquid smoke, and some additional spices.  The spicy sauce adds ground red pepper and black pepper to the ingredients list and makes it more interesting and complex.


Bottom Line

This central Florida BBQ sauce jumps out at you from the shelves and delivers a strong bite against the store-brand competition.


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  1. I have a nephew whose “secret” sauce is just ketchup and honey. It is good. But y’know – I have a hard time with any commercial sauce whose first ingredient is ketchup. If a company can’t make it from scratch, why make it at all? Why not just buy bulk sauce from someone else and label it? In effect, that’s what happens when you use ketchup.

  2. Daniel Federer says

    So a friend of mine sent me some of this sauce about a year ago.I have not used any other sauce since I got this stuff. I have had ‘Q from 5 or 6 different local places and they always give you some of their house stuff. I bring it home to try, and end up throwing it away and using the Kissimmee Red.It has a smooth and not bitter after taste,which is one thing that will throw me off of a sauce. It is not too sour or garlicky.
    I see chefs on TV makin sauce all the time with ketchup as a base. This stuff is not “secret”. It is made by with “Ketchup, brown sugar, Worcestershire, mustard, apple cider vinegar, liquid smoke, and some additional spices”. They don’t make any of those ingredients from scratch.So why rank on the ketchup? That doesn’t make any sense to me…especially if you have never even tasted it.

    KISSIMMEE RED won BEST OVERALL and 1st PLACE ORIGINAL BBQ SAUCE at the John Boy and Billy Grilling Sauce contest in 2011.
    Try it if you want a great sauce. My bet is if you try it once, you will want it again.
    If you don’t like it, contact me and I will take it off your hands.

  3. Daniel Federer says
  4. Kissimmee Reds is the best sauce out there. While traveling in Central Florida I picked up a bottle of this mainly because I liked the label. After trying this sauce on some chicken in a restaurant I went back and bought 6 more bottles to take back home. This is the only sauce in my family now. KISSIMMEE REDS IS AWESOME

  5. I love this sauce. We use it on baked beans-pork- chicken- and ribs. This is a great sauce no matter what your cooking. If you havent already tried it put it on your bucket list.

  6. Keep up!

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