Momm’s Famous BBQ Sauce (2/5)



It’s not inedible, it’s just different.  Almost like a combination between Russian dressing, a vodka pasta sauce, and BBQ Sauce, it’s not what I consider to be a natural complement to backyard grilling.  The mixture seemed to have gone slightly wrong somewhere and wow, I couldn’t even sit near the bottle too long with the cap open.   The taste wasn’t quite as bad, but that malodorous vodka-pasta sauce scent really lingered in my nasal passages.

I’ve got to remember there are people in this world that like things like beets and borscht, so someone could enjoy this if they want a unique  alternative to traditional BBQ sauces. Maybe the creator of this sauce was Russian. Or maybe they were just rushin to get the product done.

Smell  1
Taste  2
Consistency  2
Ingredients   2
Label and marketing   2

Tomato Sauce – Apple Cider Vinegar – Catsup – Brown Sugar – Molasses – Vegetable Oil – Worchester Sauce – Lemon Juice – Onion Powder – Hot Pepper Sauce – Spices (sub-ingredients on label).


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