Nephew’s Peachy ‘Potle BBQ Sauce (4/5)

This is a solid sauce with a good texture and a very good taste to go with it – Nephew’s knows how to mix fruit with BBQ Sauce.

The trick is (I think) to make it a subtle yet noticeable characteristic whereas a trace of the marketed fruit component remains in the forefront of the sauce flavor profile. The sauce is a great mix of tang, peach, chipotle, and traditional bbq sauce.  On the other hand, sauces that go too hard on novelty flavors (and beers that do this too) will fail hard (beer example: Cherry Wheat from Sam Adams has got to be one of the worst beers out there).

Nephew’s has got it figured out – I like their products and their marketing / label and I think they are going places fast.   But so are a few others in the direct area…  wow, competition between sauces in North Carolina is absolutely brutal!      Notable ingredients: actual peaches, citric acid (to give a pleasantly sour sensation), and real chipotles.

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  1. This sauce sounds great! I have one similar that I will probably be sending you to review soon!

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