Sauce Review: Jett Sauce (5/5 stars)

Jett Sauce flew into headquarters from Columbus OH where the owner and founder Salim Jett has found a recipe that he’s proud enough to go big and take on the largest players in the sauce game. We can agree that Salim Jett has a cool name, now let’s see if he’s produced a tasty sauce.
First we open the bottle and take a whiff to see what we’re in for. In the first sniff, it smells like a natural sauce with hints of sweet vinegar and bourbon over top of a tomato base.

I scan the ingredients looking for the good and the bad. The good part is that Salim Jett – the founder and namesake of the sauce – has chosen HFCS-free and MSG-free ingredients, which is refreshing to see and people are looking to constantly improve the quality of the food they consume. The only bad thing I can see is what I can’t see – my eyes must be getting older as it’s tough to red the label to read the ingredients. The font size is about a “4” if you are used to using the Microsoft office tools.

Then I try the sauce uncooked and it’s absolutely delicious – you get a sauce that brings the sweetness of honey and just the right amount of bourbon flavor mixed with a traditional blend of tomato, onions, garlic, and then finishing I get a little heat from a chili pepper extract that’s added to the sauce. Without going too much further, I can tell it’s going to be a great dipping sauce. Only minor thing worth mentioning is that the sauce runs a bit on the watery side but it’s hard to get the Sweet Baby Ray’s type consistency in such an all-natural style.

Finally I throw some chicken on the grill and apply the sauce to see how it sticks and how it tastes. Despite the consistency being a little bit more fluid than some of the others I’ve tested over the years, the sauce holds tight to the meat, and the cooked flavor is just as great as the uncooked and I feel like it gets a little spicier after cooking giving you a nice sweat heat combination.

Purchases of the product would also benefit from the directions on the label:
“Steps: Cook your veggies or meat. Toss and enjoy.” This is an important way to bring out the best in this sauce.
This would work great in the case of fried chicken, chicken wings, BBQ chicken, and many types of pork or beef dishes as well, but I think this flavor profile has a particular fondness for poultry.

In terms of label and marketing, I think it’s solid but could be cranked up a notch in a couple areas. My biggest question is how to make this stand out on the shelf when you are positioned next to 20 other BBQ sauces. The name is clear and easy to see. But it could use some stronger differentiation on the front of the label – where people might shout out the HFCS-free, MSG-free aspects. Also founder stories and images are pretty fun and bring it back to a small business type feel. It would be interesting to let people know on the label that the sauce was produced by Salim Jett.

Perhaps you could add that this sauce received 5 stars on! I also heard that Salim went viral promoting himself drinking the sauce straight from the bottle (and I tried it too) – maybe use that angle and promote it as the sauce that’s so good you can drink it from the bottle! Anything to stand out on the shelf would be awesome and do the job of selling when you can’t be there in person.

Smell 5
Taste 5
Consistency 4
Ingredients 5
Label and marketing 4

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  1. Jay Prince says

    Loved the review man! Sounds like my kind of BBQ sauce. Glad to see you posting reviews again. Hope all is well with you bro.

  2. Bro where on your site do you get this ebook. It redirect and state product is not availble?

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