Smokehouse Woods Sweet Whispering Heat (4/5)

Sweet Whispering Heat1

I really like the name Sweet Whispering Heat and how it immediately conjures up a sauce that starts sweet yet quietly sneaks up on you…

Outside the Bottle

Label quality is simple and high quality but has some unused real estate which could be useful to put a stronger image in front of the casual observer.   The red lettered “BBQ Sauce” jumps out at you a bit from an otherwise bland label with multiple uncoordinated fonts and a faded tree and house(s) graphic in the middle. In other words, it could use a little more thoughtful treatment and the hand of a professional graphic designer to make it pop. After all, your label is your salesman when you aren’t there.

Finally, there are some golden nuggets hidden in the lower left hand corner of the label (No HFCS, no artificial flavors, no preservatives). It’s tricky, but it would be great to squeeze this towards the middle the label so it’s one of the first things people might see. After all, when people are looking at a price of over $2 a bottle, you need a hook and a reason for them to not go to their default go-to BBQ sauce (many of which are in the $2-$3 range).

Sweet Whispering Heat2

Inside the Bottle

This is not your average KC style BBQ sauce and instead offers a unique red chili sauce-like flavor and chunks of real onions. The ingredients are thoughtful and avoid high fructose corn syrup – instead adding in sweeteners such as molasses, brown sugar, sugar, and honey.

Sweet Whispering Heat4

Uncooked flavor is great, cooked flavor is also great. This is one of those tasty sauces that hit the mark in the taste department but I belief the outside appearance is holding this one back from being a 5 star sauce.

Bottom Line

Sweet Whispering Heat is a great name and deliver upon it’s promise to slowly and surprising heat up your tastebuds.  It’s also got a great consistency – filled with chunks of onion – and a strong BBQ sauce + chili sauce-like flavor that many people will truly enjoy.  It just has to explain that a little bit better on the label and it’s a 5.



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  1. Thank you Brian for your review of our “Sweet Whispering Heat” bbq sauce!
    It’s great to hear the opinion of a real sauce connoisseur!

  2. We go thru a lot of BBQ sauce and this is our new favorite! Love the consistency, tang and it has just the right amount of heat. 5 stars from this customer!

  3. I tend to agree with the review except it did not address the application standards of the sauce. Unlike your 2-3 dollar bottles of sauce, this one goes a long way it sticks to whatever you put it on. The finish is absolutely wonderful it pairs with most wines or beers! As far as the label I agree they should have their friends David and Shannon fix so it is more professional. However all in all great sauce

  4. My families favorite BBQ sauce!!! Must try it, it will be your new FAV too!

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