Sticky Fingers Memphis Original Barbecue Sauce (2/5)



To sum up this sauce, it’s yet another mass produced “looks like it’s from a small mom and pop store variety sauce but actually from a fairly large corporation” variety.  And that’s not always horrible.  It’s when the sauce is loaded up with ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, MSG, and artificial flavors – that is what turns me off.  The flavor is overly sweet and the consistency is thin.  This is not to say the franchised Sticky Finger locations (16 across the Southeast) are not fantastic. This sadly happens sometimes when a brand gets big fast and they start stamping the logo all over without regard for quality in each and every item.

Smell 4
Taste 2
Consistency 2
Ingredients 2
Label and marketing 3


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  1. Your assessment is right on. I bought a bottle of this stuff at the grocery store recently and had high expectations. I didn’t read the label until I got home. MSG? Artificial flavors? WTF? MSG is only added to poor quality food in order to TRY and make it taste better. Most of the ingredients
    look to be okay but they must be using MSG to make up for a lack of quality of some sort. And why add carmel coloring? Sauce should look like whatever it does when the base ingredients are mixed together. Any artificial visual appeal is unnecessary. It’s not a bad sauce but I won’t be buying it again.

  2. I was shopping for ingredients for slow cooking pulled-pork, when a store clerk recommended Sticky Fingers Memphis Original. It was the best pulled-pork I have ever eaten, thanks to Sticky Fingers. Everyone who tried it raved about it and wanted the recipe. I hope everyone who really enjoys barbecue will not be deterred by the above “so called” critics.

  3. too pricey for it’s quality

  4. Tricia Lillibridge says

    We first tried Sticky Fingers in Florida this spring and really liked it! Spicy or tangy sauces cause my tongue and mouth to burn and just too uncomfortable. We liked this flavor on all the barbecue we cooked and it does WONDERS for chicken and pork! Barbecue is personal taste !

    Alaskan cooks

  5. Michele East says

    We bought a bottle of Sticky Fingers, and it was soured. The bottles are not sealed correctly, and the kids work loose in shipment, and sour on the shelf. We returned the bottle we had bought, and upon checking, found that almost every bottle at Walmart had loose lids under the plastic wrap seal.
    We ended up being home some Stubs, which we have used before, and know has a inner seal, as well as an outlet seal.
    Sticky Fingers need to look into this, before someone gets really sick. They have a great tasting product, but we won’t be buying it until they fix this problem!!!! It says on the bottle to refrigerate after opening, but it’s open before it even gets to the stores……

  6. LARRY K LARSON says

    As thin as water and not much flavor.

    • Southern Gent says

      Totally agree with your assessment. If you have time check out my review of this inferior BBQ product. If I was governor of NC or SC or TN I’d tell Sticky Fingers to take Carolina Style & Memphis Style off their label. Their product is an insult to those great states.

  7. Southern Gent says

    Agree with Larry K Larson. Thin as water & has taste of water with a tiny bit of ketchup & sugar substitute added. Will never buy again. Much too expensive for quality of product you receive. Bought 2 bottles. Returning unopened bottle to grocery store where purchased.

  8. Tom Clark says

    I just bought 2 bottles and I opened one and it was not properly sealed and I will not use it! The other bottle will go back and I will find another brand!

  9. It does NOT HAVE high fructose corn syrup—–read the label again bud!!!

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