SuckleBusters Chipotle BBQ Sauce (4/5)

Like their other variants, I respect SuckleBusters for their approach towards producing BBQ sauces that are All Natural with No MSG and No Preservatives.  It’s made in Texas – the state who’s residents like to go big or go home.

But… I thought to myself…  why do they call it SuckleBusters?   That’s odd sounding.

Well, the website shows this:

Coool!   Like it’s big brother Original, reviewed here, this ones sports a fun label, Texan markings, and a lot of information about what this sauce is going to taste like – except for where it says “HOT.”  To me, it has a very small kick (which I like) but I find people have to know a general heat level…   I’d give this a 2 out of 5 on the heat scale.   Some people may buy it wanting a scorcher – and that’s best left to other sauces.  Or you might get people who almost buy it, but they are scared off from the heat. My opinion?  Put a little heat indicator on it.  Or have it’s Scoville unit’s measured and placed on the side of the label.

The flavor is good although a bit sweet.  Vinegar is listed as first ingredient – I’m guessing they used an apple-cider vinegar.  The Chipotle essence really comes out strong.  For some people this is a flavor that takes some getting used to, but with anything SuckleBusters does, I know it going to be real and all natural.   Consistency is right in the middle of the thin/thick sauce scale.   Definitely one of the better Chipotle BBQ sauces out there.


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