Sugar Britches BBQ Sauce and Glaze (4/5)

Sugar Britches BBQ Sauce (1)

Sugar Britches was sent to me by the owners of Jenks Specialty Foods LLC, a California-based gourmet products producer with an appetite for making high quality, healthy, and tasty products.   I immediately liked the name of the sauce upon first hearing it and couldn’t wait to open the bottle when it arrived.

Outside the Bottle

Taking a quick look at the outside of the bottle I noticed the quality is great – a high quality label that wouldn’t get ruined if wet, and a nice solid glass bottle shows it’s got class.   But I did have some specific comments and recommendations on the outside of the bottle.  Remember when you aren’t there, the label is your salesman.

Sugar Britches BBQ Sauce (3)

The colors and concept of the bottle seemed to be a little off – it’s like a mix of olde fashioned and the Jenks mountain logo – just a little too much happening there.  I was happy to read the label, but the copywriting isn’t specific to the sauce, it talks more about why it’s a tribute to Rancho Cucamonga – while I wanted to hear more about the sauce.  Saying “National Award winner” is great – one suggestion would be put the actual awards you’ve won on the label in horizontal someone on the label.

Sugar Britches BBQ Sauce (2)

And finally, I wouldn’t lead with the healthy BBQ Sauce angle unless you are gluten-free, or organic.  Lots of people say something is healthy, and you need to back it up if it’s your main story.  I’d lead with the flavor or the benefits of the sauce.

Inside the Bottle

Trying the sauce uncooked – I found the flavor is quite unique and distinctive and reminiscent of baked beans with a good sweetness and a dark brown sugar molasses touch.  Almost like some sweet baked beans with BBQ sauce added.  I really it and I haven’t had anything like that -I enjoyed it thoroughly.   Wouldn’t that be fun to see a sauce like “Baked Bean BBQ Blast” on the shelves?   I’m not saying that you should do that, but it’s just what my taste buds said when I tried this sauce.

After cooking, I noticed the sauce thins out a little and flavor weakens just a bit, but overall the sauce retains the “sweet warm” molasses and brown sugar flavor and stickiness that reminded me of baked beans with BBQ sauce added.

Sugar Britches BBQ Sauce (4)

Bottom Line:

Overall this is a real nice sauce with a unique flavor that reminds me of summertime.  It could benefit from being just a bit little thicker and having a more focused label.  Another suggestion to help people find it would be to setup Facebook/Website for the brandname versus the company name – it makes it a little easier for people to find and order the sauce in the future.


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  1. Good points about the label, branding and overall look of the package. I agree.

    But “bbq sauce and glaze” is off-putting. I don’t buy “glazes”.

    The taste profile sounds like something I would enjoy. Love me some sweet, sticky beans and molasses.

    • Thanks Brian – I agree with you for the most part on the word glaze – I do think of a glaze as something my grandma used to put on ham. 🙂 GIVEAWAY coming up on Friday. I’m having a little deja vu.

      • “Glaze” could apply to almost every BBQ sauce. I think “glaze” is more of a technique than a type of sauce.
        Perhaps they were trying to cover all bases and/or appeal to everyone, when in fact they are limiting themselves, IMO.

  2. “GLAZE” the term comes from the French word glac, which, when used in reference to sauce, means glaze. A glaze in cooking is a coating of a glossy, often sweet, sometimes savory substance (sauce) applied to food typically by dipping, dripping or with a brush. The term “glaze” is a “technique” used in pottery NOT a “technique” in cooking!!!!.

  3. Can I order SonsofBritches sweet saucy barbecue sauce

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