World Harbors Mesquite BBQ Sauce (2/5)



Buying BBQ sauce at Christmas Tree Shops is so backwards it’s funny – wrong season, wrong store.  I can safely bet that the bargain shoppers that this store appeals to wouldn’t dare spend more than 2 dollars on a BBQ sauce, and that’s a shame. There’s some really incredible stuff out there, but not available at the Christmas Tree Shops, which is where a well-intentioned friend found me this sauce.  High fructose syrup starts the ingredients off on a bad note (usually it’s tomatoes for this kind of sauce) and while the initial sniff is actually a quite tempting smoky garlic scent, it’s the aftertaste that’s the killer – like a bad piece of meat rotting in your mouth.  Not yummy.

Smell 3
Taste 1
Consistency 4
Ingredients 2
Label and marketing 3


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