Sauce Review: Sweeet Heat Barbecue Sauces

This is a sauce review for 3 sauces from the Sweeet Heat Barbecue Sauce company out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.   I was contacted by the owner, Demond, who also runs Streetside BBQ, a popular catering company in Philly, to get his sauce reviewed.  So let’s go ahead and take a look! Outside the Bottle There are […]

The Wright Sauce Honey Habanero Bacon (3/5)

I was contacted by the owner of this sauce who was extremely enthusiastic about his sauce that had recently been featured on the show Supermarket Superstar on the Lifetime Network. Cool. Just so you know, I try as best I can to go into judging blind. I try to not read any other reviews or […]

Smokey Dave’s Bird Bath and Grilling Sauce (3/5)

Recently I had North Carolina-based David Burch send me a bottle of his Smokey Dave’s Bird Bath and Grilling Sauce for review. Outside the Bottle I really like the concept behind this sauce. It’s focused on a particular area versus calling itself a jack of all trades. Too many sauces do the opposite and tell […]

Uncle Kenny’s Spicy BBQ Sauce (3/5)

If I were reviewing blindfolded on a piece of cooked meat with this sauce, the score would be different as it’s pretty tasty.   But as I’ve always done, I try to balance my reviews evenly across the outside of the bottle and the inside of the bottle.   The outside needs to tell me the basics, […]

Alternasweets Sweet & Smokey Original BBQ Sauce (3/5)

This Washington state based sauce has something different in it and it’s not afraid to tell you about it. It steers clear of traditional sweeteners (sugar, molasses) or bad rep sweeteners (such as high fructose corn syrup) and focuses on the use of the plant extracted sweetener Stevia.  Studies show Stevia isn’t bad for you […]

PageRosa BBQ Sauce (3/5)

North Carolina based Cathy Page’s Page Rosa sauce has a lot of great things going for it, a great name, a clean label, and a great consistency. I reviewed  sauce on both pulled pork and chicken and found that the sauce yielded a simple, pleasant flavor which tastes just about average compared to what I […]

Kitty’s North Carolina Barbecue and Dip Sauce (3/5)

Like Kitty’s Memphis Style Barbecue and Dip Sauce, Kitty’s North Carolina style sauce also presents itself in a very clean fashion with a great label, bottle, and label with a similar pet peeve about the width of the top spout. There’s something about a wide-open canning jar that is much easier to pour straight into […]

Stubbs Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce (3/5)

This new sauce from Stubbs combines the flavors of molasses, brown sugar, and chipotle to create something with a little heat and a little sweet kick that will give your tastebuds a lot of flavor to work with.  As with all of the Stubbs products, they use very high quality ingredients and are certified gluten-free, […]

Nick’s Famous Bar-B-Q Sauce (3/5)

The story This is another sauce that was born out of a BBQ restaurant.  Nick’s Famous Barbecue is located at 2817 Clarksville Hwy., Nashville, TN 37208) and has been around for over 20 years and employs about 13 people.   I couldn’t find much of a story behind it on the web, although I was […]

Stubbs Original BBQ Sauce (3/5)

Stubbs offers up an antidote for folks who don’t like the “traditional BBQ sauce” – the typical thick and sweet KC-style BBQ sauces.       The Original Bar-B-Q sauce is very thin and has a tangy, sweet, salty kinda vibe going to it – without any smokiness, chunks, or heat.   I thought the taste was decent – […]

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