Best Backyard BBQ Sauce (2/5)

Well…  If this is the best backyard BBQ, then I’m done with BBQ and backyards.  🙂 It is relatively clear that this sauce is the product of a search engine optimizer versus a lover of sauce.  For one, if they were going to produce a “best backyard BBQ” sauce, then their best bet would have […]

Hannaford Honey Barbecue Sauce (2/5)

Although I think Hannaford is a decent grocery market and brand offering a lot of organic and healthy options, this is one department in which they could improve. Texture is super thick (again, unnaturally thick) and the taste isn’t awful but it also isn’t great. It’s got a little bit of a chemical aftertaste and tastes like it’s not really a food product but a factory product.

Four Rivers Smoke House Barbecue Sauce (2/5)

The sauce itself is a bit odd tasting to me, and somewhat unremarkable. Appearance is decent, normally but not natural (lots of specks of spices) or unique . Aroma almost smells like a marinara sauce… very tomato buttery. The flavor is close to this as well. This would make a great sauce if it was a bit thicker and maybe would taste better if marketed as a hybrid/spaghetti BBQ sauce. Ingredients are fairly standard and include HFCS and Worcestershire as well as butter and honey.

Open Pit Barbecue Sauce Review (2/5)

Tangy and sweet. To me it just doesn’t taste like a BBQ sauce should. It’s got the most bizarre, unnatural smell and the flavor is more like French dressing than BBQ sauce. It goes on anything… meaning that you can add this to just about anything (pork, chicken, ribs, burgers, seafood) and it will be sure to ruin it. Trust me, we went through a lot of this stuff.

Momm’s Famous BBQ Sauce (2/5)

It’s not inedible, it’s just different.  Almost like a combination between Russian dressing, a vodka pasta sauce, and BBQ Sauce, it’s not what I consider to be a natural complement to backyard grilling.  The mixture seemed to have gone slightly wrong somewhere and wow, I couldn’t even sit near the bottle too long with the […]

Tarheel Premium BBQ Sauce (2/5)

World Harbors Mesquite BBQ Sauce (2/5)

Buying BBQ sauce at Christmas Tree Shops is so backwards it’s funny – wrong season, wrong store.  I can safely bet that the bargain shoppers that this store appeals to wouldn’t dare spend more than 2 dollars on a BBQ sauce, and that’s a shame. There’s some really incredible stuff out there, but not available […]

Country Bob’s Barbeque Sauce (2/5)

Country Bob is a great guy and a marketing machine – maybe it’s because Christ is his C.E.O. (it says that on the website and all of the marketing materials feature heavy usage of bible passages).  However, if one looks past the biblical references, there’s a lot this company is doing right – distribution at […]

Sticky Fingers Memphis Original Barbecue Sauce (2/5)

To sum up this sauce, it’s yet another mass produced “looks like it’s from a small mom and pop store variety sauce but actually from a fairly large corporation” variety.  And that’s not always horrible.  It’s when the sauce is loaded up with ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, MSG, and artificial flavors […]

Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q Championship Red Sauce (2/5)

Bob Gibson was big… around 6 foot 3 and weighed between 275 and 295. Nowadays, he’s dead, but oh boy back in the day, growing up in rural Alabama as a rail line worker, he’d invite folks over to his house where he’d barbecue practically all weekend long. Hell yeah! They say he never met […]

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