Country Chef Mustard BBQ Sauce (5/5)

This is sauce was nice and delicate, a smooth flavor when tried alone or when cooked.  I tried it on ham, pork, and as a dipping sauce for grilled chicken and found it all to be very much enhanced with this delicately flavored mustard sauce.  It’s got very much the same base as the other Country Chef sauces with a extra helping of mustard and the additional spices you find in mustard based sauces.   The consistency matched the other Country Chef varieties – good and chunky – providing the sauce with high scores in that area.  It’s a sweet sauce (like most sauces out there) but it’s a natural, no high fructose corn syrup sweetness – making it a whole lot less sour.  One of the best mustard sauces I’ve tried.

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  1. Burt McDaniel says

    I wanted to give you a little feedback on our taste test of your sauces. I remember telling you that we are big
    Sonny’s BBQ fans. When we travel, we search out any Sonny’s locations nearby, and have been known to go far out of
    the way to get to one. I was very skeptical that anyone’s sauces could compare.
    I have six kids and a wife (all Sonny’s fans). When I opened your sauces all but 2 of us were home.
    I was the first to try it and they all watched for my reaction. I reacted so positively, they thought I must be kidding.
    The sauce was bursting with flavor and seemed to keep getting better.
    So the final analysis. We unanimously agreed that your sauce was better than Sonny’s.
    Each sauce we tried over the next week was excellent.
    I even used the chipolte sauce as a dip.

    Thanks for sharing your BBQ sauces with us.

    Count us as converts,
    Burt McDaniel

  2. Roger Rector says

    Country Chef Barbecue Sauce is unlike any barbecue sauce I have ever had. The first thing that I noticed was the natural ingredients that you can actually see. You can really identify the ingredients and know that you are eating something fresh and healthy. It’s great to have a product where you can read the list of ingredients and know what they are. And then there’s the flavor – a perfect harmony of fresh vegetables and other natural ingredients. You couldn’t ask for a better tasting BBQ sauce. The Country Chef Barbecue Sauce experience is definitely an amazing one and incomparable to other barbecue sauces I have tried. It has become a versatile staple in our household and I recommend it to everyone. This is definitely a must try!

    Roger Rector

  3. Gary Johnson says

    My wife and I own a busy specialty coffee house and cafe in North Carolina. We use only Country Chef bbq sauce on our sandwiches. We love the choice of flavors and all natural ingredients. Keep it coming!

    Gary Johnson
    Mountain Java Westridge
    901 Smokey Park Highway
    Candler, NC 28715

  4. Valerie Pearson says

    My name is Valerie Pearson. I live in Asheville N.C. I have been searching for a great tasting all natural BBQ sauce for a long time and about a year ago I discovered Country Chef at Ingles. I haven’t used any other since.
    The men in my family self title themselves “professional BBQers and grillers” I started putting your BBQ sauce in gift baskets for them during the holidays. They all absolutely loved it! My brothers in Florida tell me they can’t find it available anywhere down there and have even tried recreating it themselves following the ingredients. It doesn’t come close to comparing. They are constantly asking me to send them more.
    My question is why would a product of that quality not be available elsewhere? Speaking for my family and I, it would be nice to see it in more stores nationwide like Walmart and Publix. Also, I know there are more sauces in the Country Chef line but they are not carried at my local grocery store. The Original BBQ sauce and the Mustard BBQ sauce are so amazing I can’t wait to try the rest of them.
    My boss, Gary Johnson, was able to get the mustard directly from the creator and uses in on our chicken, onion and pepper sandwhich. It has been flying off the shelf since we first introduced it a month ago. The customer rave about it!
    Thank you for taking your time to read my comments and please try to get your wonderful sauces in more store.

  5. Steve Paul says

    Never tried Country Chef My main sauce is Lil Junies from Oxford N C

  6. Gary LaBelle says

    Where can I purchase Country Chef BBQ sauces??

  7. kyle maker says

    After reading these – definately want to give it a whirl. Hard to find a good mustard sauce.

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