2012 American Royal BBQ Sauce Competition Results

2012 American Royal BBQ Sauce Competition Results

Here’s the winners, my friends, of what is currently the biggest barbecue sauce competition in the world (unless Iran is secretly doing something with all of those tomato’s they say they are using for something else).

Best Sauce on the Planet Award: Lickin’s X-tra Thick Competition Sauce

People’s Choice Sauce Champion: Rufus Teague’s Whiskey Maple

People’s Choice Honorable Mentions: Blues Hog Smoky Mountain, Meat Mitch “Whomp”

Rub Champion: Texas BBQ Rub – Original

Category Winners

Tomato Mild  (full results)

  1. Galaxy Original BBQ Sauce
  2. Cookie’s Sweet Hickory BBQ Sauce
  3. Grandma Fosters Smooth and Mild
Tomato Hot (full results)
Mustard (full results)
Vinegar (full results)
  1. Suckle Busters Original
  2. Meat Mitch Naked BBQ Sauce
  3. Brewer’s Best Mild BBQ Sauce
Specialty (full results)

Only shows that I haven’t begun to tap into the thousands of great sauces that are out there.

Congratulations to the winners and please check out these fine sauces these folks have worked so hard to put together!

Keep saucin!




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  1. Awesome post man! Love it! Looks like some really good sauces! Hope we both get the chance to make it to the Royal some day. 🙂


  2. Our sauce was entered into your competition. While it arrived with all bottles broken, we were afforded the opportunity to resubmit our sauces to you, which we did. They were sent via priority mail on Friday and should have arrived on Monday. Well packaged and insured. We reviewed the results of the competition and could not find our name in any category. We entered The Original Sauce in the mild tomato category, Carolina Style Sauce in the vinegar based category and Sweet Peach Sauce in the speciality sauce. Please email or telephone so that we can beter understand what happened to our products. The check was obviously cashed indicating that the sauces were received and should have been judged. Thank you for your time. John Cielakie

    • Hi John, Sorry to hear about your sauce not making it to the Royal. We are not affiliated with the American Royal, I’m just posting the results on the website “BBQ Sauce Reviews” as a service for our readers. I would try to contact someone in the American Royal PR department or marketing team.


  3. This is a very nice site to use to look at Sauces and related things in the Market. We are Red Cactus Brands, we manufacture and sell Lickins Brand BBQ products as well as many other food items in the Midwest. We also would like to offer every one a chance to try one of our award winning sauces we have 4 American Royal 1st place in multipal catagories, and a 2nd and a 3rd,( we are in stores ask for us if you can’t find them or we will sell online through our website). We have only been producing BBQ Sauce for about 5 years now but it has been both fun and challenging at the same time. We look forward to being in the sauce business for many years and to bring new and exciting taste to the catagorie.

    Tim Muehring

  4. Just wanted to say thanks for posting the results. This was our first year to compete in the sauce contest and we were so proud to crack the top 10 in both categories we competed in. We took 3rd in Specialty and 9th in Tomato Mild against some really great sauces. We look forward to competing in more contests this year. Brian, I sincerely hope you plan to post about the best sauce contests to enter in 2013!

    Thanks again and keep up the great work!!


    James D. Laurie
    Owner, Me-Me K’s BBQ Sauce and Rubs

  5. Hey Brian,

    You should definitely review the new Rufus Teague Whiskey Maple (winner of the People’s Choice). I just tried it today and it’s one of my favorites (definitely rivals the Rufus Teague Touch O’ Heat that you previously reviewed!)


  6. Regina Marks says

    Just stumbling across this article I recently tried some Georgia Earle’s BBQ Sauce while on a trip to Baltimore, MD and absolutely fell in love with it! Didn’t see it on here but they are fairly new.

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