Big Butz Original BBQ Sauce (5/5)

What can I say.   I’m a sucker for smooth, simple, balanced flavors.  And that’s what Big Butz provides.

Big Butz Original BBQ Sauce is one of these sauces that could literally replace ketchup in a household if you had enough of it.  It provides a nice smooth mild, sweet KC style sauce with nothing disagreeable.  The flavor is pleasurable and fun.

Sure, I like all of the BBQ sauce styles but when it’s a KC style sauce I look for almost no vinegar flavor and perfect balance of tomato, vinegar, sweet, and spice (not spicy, just spices) and sometimes a little smoke (if done right).

It’s deceivingly simple as I’ve been made my own BBQ sauce a few times just to gain an appreciation for what makes a great BBQ sauce and I am always left with one dominant ingredient left over.

In this sauce, I cannot taste anything that stands out – the ingredients team together to make something great.

Unlike most sauces that come into my reviewing “lab”, I could see this sauce complimenting almost any kind of meat.   And unlike most sauces that overuse the phrase “Use this sauce on anything” – I could see Big Butz making that statement and getting away with it.  Great sauce!

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