Grillside Downtown Heat BBQ Sauce (4/5)

Like the Suburban Sweet and Hometown Heat varieties, the Downtown Heat barbecue sauce from Grill Side is packaged professionally with a great label and bottle.

Like the sweet variety, the sauce had a lot going on –  chili powder for a real pepper taste, molasses for a dark rich sweetness, and a little extra bite from onion & garlic & tamarind.  Like the other varieties from Grill Side, I tried this product on BBQ chicken, mac and cheese, and pan-fried kielbasa and really enjoyed the flavor on each one.  They added Chipotle peppers in this one – and they provided a really nice heat level with just the right amount of sweet.

Again, it should be note that Grillside is HFCS-free and Gluten-free.

This is not your ordinary big brand BBQ Sauce: the little burst of heat and flavor from the chipotle peppers adds enough oomph to provide a unique chili-like flavor profile that stands out compared to the stuff you might typically find in your grocery store.

You can check out Grillside on their website and on Facebook.



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