Grillside Hometown Hot BBQ Sauce (5/5)

Like the Suburban Sweet and Downtown Heat varieties, the Hometown Hot barbecue sauce from Grill Side is packaged professionally with a great label and bottle.

Like the other varieties, the sauce has a lot going on –  chili powder, molasses, and a little extra bite from onion & garlic & tamarind.  Like the other varieties from Grill Side, I tried this product on BBQ chicken, mac and cheese, and pan-fried kielbasa and really enjoyed the flavor on each one.

But if I were a betting man, and if I could legally bet on BBQ sauce competitions, I would put my money on this tasty number.  They didn’t just add more of the other peppers in their “medium heat” sauce.  They put seven different peppers in the bottle to make sure you could see, feel, taste, and touch (if you wanted to) the texture of this great sauce.  Without much effort, you can taste chipotle, habanero, & jalapeno.

Especially after a grill session, this gives tons of flavor and heat to make your lips tingle, but not burn. And although I like the occasional hot sauce, I’m not the kind of guy who finds enjoyment in eating super-hot peppers just to see if I can eat super-hot peppers…  so this heat level was just right for me.  Like Tabasco but surrounded by way more flavor.

The texture was great, little chunks of pepper in each bite.   I love a nice chunky sauce, yet so few sauce makers let you taste and feel the raw ingredients on your tongue, instead opting for cheaper powdered blends in order to maximum their own profits.

Tip: If you are cooking chicken constantly like me… another way to boost the quality of your end-product is to step up and get your self a set of GrillGrates.  Since getting these Grillgrates my chicken has never been better.  The Grillgrates retain the heat yet blocks the direct scorch of the flame, so that your meat gets cooked perfectly without getting dried out.  Also gives you some nice sear marks too!

Kudos to Grill Side for not only making a great line of products with high quality ingredients (HFCS-free and Gluten-free), great design, and fantastic flavor and shall I say it – mouthfeel!

You can check out Grillside on their website and on Facebook.



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