Pork Barrel Sweet BBQ Sauce (5/5)

The guys from Pork Barrel are living in a shark infested world – and they are thriving.  Like a remora finds a way to coexist with real sharks (they eat parasites and creatures from the shark while the shark provides food, transportation, and protection for the remora) the guys from Pork Barrel are doing very well now that they how to work with together in a symbiotic relationship with American “sharks.”   After their appearance on TV’s Shark Tank years ago, Heath and Brett have successfully boosted their BBQ products and opened a restaurant.  This is a BBQ dream come true.  It all started with a little spice rub, and from there it’s part of BBQ history.
When we take a look at the bottle of the sauce, it’s clearly done well as the label is professional, the name and logo are eye catching, and the high quality artwork conveys trust.  The opposite of this is something I see quite a bit – the plain white label with a homemade graphic printed at home … while this is quaint and homemade looking, it simply doesn’t provide enough confidence for people to know they should try this product and in fact could be dangerous to do so.  The label describes the best features of the sauce and highlights areas which people might want to know mainly that they are avoiding bad ingredients and putting in good ingredients – mostly organic in fact.  This tells me it’s a high quality sauce which spared no expense in making sure they were delivering quality not maximizing profit.   There’s a lot of neat ingredients in here and although it’s hard to taste many of them (I don’t remember taking a bite thinking “wow there must be some really great organic shittake mushrooms in here) but the ingredients list is quite interesting and impressive.

The flavor of the sauce is great – it has a deep dark sweetness that comes from the brown sugar and molasses with absolutely no vinegary tang.   The flavors are complex, but mix well together.   This is a typical KC style sauce executed well and to me, that means it’s best with chicken / beef / maybe even BBQ burgers….  But pulled pork might be a bit too sweet in this thick concoction.


All in all, they have done what it takes to deliver a 5 star sauce.  Yum!

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  1. I like this sauce. It doesn’t have as thick of a body as other sauces I have tried but I like that because it is a change of pace. This is a good sweet sauce.

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