ThermoWorks TimeStick Trio

ThermoWorks TimeStick Trio 1

This week’s review is on the TimeStick Trio from ThermoWorks.

The TimeStick Trio is a very easy-to-use, triple timer that has a rugged commercial construction and splash-proof seals that make the Trio a very durable and splash-proof product.

As you can see in the pictures below the TimeStick Trio comes neatly packaged, like all products from ThermoWorks do.

ThermoWorks TimeStick Trio 2

Inside the packaging is a battery and a nice simple set of instructions.

ThermoWorks TimeStick Trio 4

Each of the three timers on the Trio has its own display with its own Set and Start/Stop buttons. There is definitely no confusion on how to set a timer on this device or how much time is left either.

The keypad can be locked to prevent accidentally disrupting a timer operation. Durability and super-simplicity make TimeStick Trio a solid value.

ThermoWorks TimeStick Trio 5

The times on the Trio can be directly set on the rubberized and sealed numeric keypad. All the operations on the Trio can be done in one hand. There’s also no Up or Down buttons that over-run your settings, which is very nice.

ThermoWorks TimeStick Trio 6

When you set a Count-Down time, the Start button starts the timer. When the alarm sounds, a Count-Up starts so you know how long since the alarm sounded. Also each alarm on the Trio has a distinct beep pattern so you can tell which alarm is sounding and you can pause and continue any timer at any time.

If you want to use the Count-Up Timer, simply start at 00:00:00 and hit Start. It’s like having three separate stopwatches in one.

ThermoWorks TimeStick Trio 7

On the back of the Trio is a strong magnet which allows you to mount the timer on any magnetic surface.

ThermoWorks TimeStick Trio 8

The Trio also has a backlight, which is perfect for seeing the timers during those late or early morning cooks.

ThermoWorks TimeStick Trio 9

Of course, no Trio review would be complete without showing a selfie with the Trio hanging around my neck, thanks to the included lanyard. 😉

ThermoWorks TimeStick Trio 10

For this review, I decided to try my hand at making my very first meatloaf. I also made some homemade mashed potatoes to go along with it.

Below is all the ingredients I used to make the Brown Sugar Meatloaf.

ThermoWorks TimeStick Trio 11

Once I had the sauce ready in a separate bowl and all the other ingredients mixed together for the meatloaf, it was time to form it and place it into the meatloaf pan.

ThermoWorks TimeStick Trio 12

Once in the meatloaf pan, I then spread the brown sugar sauce over the meat.

ThermoWorks TimeStick Trio 13

I had already set the three timers on the Trio before I started cooking. The bottom timer shows the total prep time of around 15 minutes that it took to prepare the meatloaf and the peeling and slicing of the potatoes.

The middle timer was set for 30 minutes, which was for the total boil time needed for the potatoes.

Finally, the top timer was set for 60 minutes, which was the time it would take for the meatloaf to cook in the oven at 350°F.

Below is a picture of once I started the top two Count-Down timers and stopped the 3rd prep time timer. Also, there’s a picture of the meatloaf after I placed it inside the oven.

ThermoWorks TimeStick Trio 14

ThermoWorks TimeStick Trio 15

I then placed the Trio on the front of the fridge thanks to the strong magnet on the back.

ThermoWorks TimeStick Trio 16

Below is a picture right before the middle timer went off letting me know the potatoes were ready to mash.

ThermoWorks TimeStick Trio 17

I love some good homemade mashed potatoes! They hit the spot every time!

ThermoWorks TimeStick Trio 18

ThermoWorks TimeStick Trio 19

Below is the meatloaf after the top alarm timer went off and started to Count-Up.

ThermoWorks TimeStick Trio 20

My very first meatloaf turned out amazing and everyone really enjoyed it.

ThermoWorks TimeStick Trio 21A

Final Thoughts

I was impressed with the ThermoWorks TimeStick Trio and how simple it is to use! It’s a high quality product just like all the other products from ThermoWorks that I’ve had the opportunity to test out and review.

I know the Trio will really come in handy for me when I am cooking multiple meats at once and need more than one timer to use.

I also like how the Trio fits in one hand and is small enough to fit in my pocket as well.

I think ThermoWorks has released another great quality product that will definitely come in handy for many people.

If you are in the market for a new timer, be sure to check out ThermoWorks TimeStick Trio!

You can find a great deal on ThermoWorks TimeStick Trio here.

For more information on ThermoWorks TimeStick Trio or any of their other great products, please visit their Facebook & Twitter pages as well as their Website.


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