Trifecta BBQ Sauce Original (5/5)

Trifecta sauces are a Kentucky based trio of sauces containing a mild, medium and hot variety. This review is for their Original Barbecue Sauce, their mild variety.

Outside the Bottle


The label has a clean overall appearance and invites you inside.  I love the new look with a high quality almost vintage font/style compared to an older horse, pig, chicken cartoony theme – this look is so classy I could see it on the shelves of high end cooking stores like Williams-Sonoma.   The bottle identifies its gluten-free and natural attributes right on the front where it belongs as people are seeking out healthier, more wholesome alternatives these days.


I like the copywriting but the copywriting is not specific to the individual flavor – the same writing is used for each variety and I like seeing something specific to each flavor instead of a blanket statement, but it’s a minor complaint in this case.

Inside the Bottle

It looks chunky and natural like something homemade.  The texture of it in your mouth is similar – you can taste the chopped or diced red onions in each bite.   The uncooked flavor is wonderful – it’s got a little jalapeno, a lot of onion and hints of garlic and lemon. It’s complex yet simple enough to be considered mild.  It’s not hot at all but it does seem “spicy” because of the complexity of flavors and the jalapeno undertone.


I thoroughly enjoyed this sauce on chicken, meatballs, and on a western-style burger with cheddar and bacon.

Bottom Line:

Trifecta’s Original Barbecue Sauce may be a mild sauce in the heat category, but has just enough complexity and flavor and the right texture, consistency, appearance and ingredients to be a 5 in my book.

Trifecta Website

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