Ebay Auctions for Top Banner Ad

What is a Banner Ad Ebay Auction?

An auction is currently the fairest way I can think of to allow the market to determine the pricing of a top spot for advertising on BBQ Sauce Reviews and Ebay has the best system for auctions…  It is also very transparent, so BBQ Sauce vendors can see the bidding process and participate knowing that I’m not giving away free advertising to my friends… which does happen on other sites.

Thank you to my recent sponsors:

BBQ Stu's Ad in October/November

BBQ Stu's Ad in October/November

Hoosier Daddy's in December

Hoosier Daddy's in December

  • The slot I’m currently auctioning is the ad where you see “BBQ Stu’s” in the screenshot below.
  • Stu won the first auction on Sept 2 2011 at a rate of $55 for the month.
  • I worked with him to create the banner ad which links over to his website.


How To Participate

First, sign up for my SAUCE SELLERS LIST and then I will send an email when an auction is available.

Ebay determines the auction rules.

Then, I will work with you to post your ad within 3-5 days of winning the auction, with a minimal amount of graphic design thrown in for free (I can do some basic stuff).  Any complex graphic design is up to you.

Any other questions, let me know.

Brian @ BBQSauceReviews.com





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