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I believe I have the best site out there for BBQ Sauce lovers, so if you are a small batch producer of BBQ Sauce and you are building an online presence and trying to grow outside of your local geography, there is nothing like working with!   Many small one-person shops have doubled or tripled their sales, Google searches, and exposure by working with me as I appear first second and third for some of the most popular Google searches related to BBQ Sauce.  I can get your name out there too.

Derrick Riches, BBQ Guide says:
Brian Henderson has been testing and reviewing barbecue sauces for quite some time now. His site is filled with reviews and broken down into a wide range of categories so you can find the best Fruit based sauce, St Louis style sauce, or gluten free sauce. If you are serious about barbecue sauce this is the place to look.

But Wait, There’s More!

At BBQ Sauce Reviews we now review BBQ sauces, rubs, and tools such as thermometers, grills, and smokers and help your products get seen by a lot of the right people.  Our reviewers are done by well-known BBQ enthusiasts Brian Henderson (BBQ Sauce), Jay Prince (Tools & Tech), Wayne Brown (Spices & Rubs).

We get your product noticed!

  • Get Reviewed from us – our reviews can carry a wave of interest across other popular BBQ sites and communities – we can also show you a way to get your product onto Amazon easily.
  • Great traffic and website exposure – products featured on BBQ Sauce Reviews get seen by over 20,000 visitors per month.
  • Sponsor a Giveaway – giving free samples and prizes is a GREAT way to get the word out and build buzz. We’ll email 1,200 people to let them know about your giveaway.
  • Advertise with us – you can pay for a banner ad, a sidebar ad, or come up with something creative. Get in touch and we’ll think of something sensible given your budget.
  • Enter a Competition – if you have a sauce, you can enter one of the BBQ sauce competitions we can point you to (and give you advice on how to win).

All Reviews Include:

  • A thorough cook that demonstrates the full usage of your sauce or BBQ product.
  • A detailed writing explaining the product in full detail.
  • Excellent pictures of your sauce / product before/after cooking
  • Prominent links to your blog from the popular website.
  • Visibility to some passionate bloggers and sauce lovers
  • Ability to sponsor a sauce giveaway (build buzz about your brand)
  • Additional visibility to some passionate bloggers and sauce lovers

Our team:

  1. Brian Henderson – Editor, BBQ Sauce Savant, Advertising, Giveaways
  2. Jay Prince – BBQ Tools & Tech Reviewer
  3. Wayne Brown – BBQ Spices and Rubs Reviewer

The best way to get in touch and find out more is to use our contact form.  Be sure to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Also check out the Ebook by Brian called “How to Market Your BBQ Sauce.”   Even Sauce God Dave “Sweet Baby” Raymond liked it.

He said to Brian about the book: “Nice job.  You got some good stuff in there”  (I’m not making that up!!)

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