Backyard Grill BBQ Sauce Review (4/5)



Before looking at the ingredients, its a full-flavored KC-style sauce with a solid onion-garlic infusion that I would recommend to anyone looking for a flavorful KC style sauce with a little extra spice.  Nothing too fancy or different, but tasty.

After looking at the ingredients, the perspective changes and you get a different picture altogether…


Barbecue sauce (high fructose corn syrup,water,tomato paste,vinegar,brown sugar,salt,spices,food starch,onion,soybean oil,glucose monohydrate,maltodextrin,natural flavors,corn syrup,xanthan gum, sodium benzoate (a preservative),garlic cayenne pepper,citric acid,beet powder,tamarind,honey,soy sauce (water,wheat,soybeans,salt,sodium benzoate) lemon juice, worsteshire sauce (vinegar,molasses,high fructose corn syrup,anchovies,water,onions,salt,garlic,tamarind concentrate,clove,natural flavorings,chili pepper extract), and mustard.

Hmmmm, yes.  It’s (someone else’s) BBQ sauce and mustard.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone who loves food does this.  You get a sauce or a recipe and there’s just one minor thing you would change (add or remove) and you do it.  This is America damn it, we modify things as we please.

I wouldn’t negatively slam this sauce simply because they didn’t go through their own painstaking recipe creation process.  This is what they’ve used at the Backyard Bar and Grill in three locations around Chicago, Illinois for over 14 years – they are obviously doing something right.  Or maybe they have tapped into the world’s largest natural BBQ sauce spring, and they simply needed to find a way to get rid of it…

Smell 5
Taste 4
Consistency 4
Ingredients 3
Label and marketing 3

Owner Martin Elliot says “Business is great.  We have added a line of spices and a great wing sauce.  A Jamaican jerk seasoning and salt is soon to come.”   Next time I’m in Chicago, I might try to swing by!

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