Bone Suckin Sauce (5 of 5)

Bone Suckin Sauce

Phil Ford, a real estate appraiser and father of four in Raleigh, North Carolina, developed his sauce around 1987 while trying to copy his mother’s recipe for a western North Carolina-style barbecue sauce.

The resulting all natural, fat-free, fragrant blend of ingredients include: tomato paste, apple cider vinegar, honey, molasses, mustard, horseradish, lemon juice, onions, garlic, peppers, natural hickory smoke, natural spices and salt.

This one gets BBQSR props for a magical combination of quality ingredients, simple packaging, clever name, and well balanced flavor. The only thing I found slightly lacking (a stretch) was that the consistency was a bit on the thin side.

The smell is wonderful – a sweet yet complex aroma with hints of apple, mustard, lemon, onions, and the “smokiness” that all barbecue sauces attempt. I could see putting this on almost anything – I think I want to try this on swordfish next, then a Bone Suckin Burger after that.

The first time I tried this stuff was a long time ago, during my college days, before I knew much about BBQ and grilling… and I had slathered the stuff on before the meat was ready for a barbecue bath. The result was a less-than-tasty, blackened mess. Bad experience for a bad griller – I blame it on the beer I was drinking at the time.

But my most recent, and sober, experience was a meal of half rack of ribs and a few chicken wings all done the right way, when the meat is at about the 75th percentile of BBQ cookage. This way, the sweets didn’t completely die and I was able to take in one of the best natural- ingredient sauces on the market

You know I love my Bullseye and traditional Kansas City style BBQ sauces (even though some may contain the dreaded HFCS), yet this one went all natural and retained a quality flavor – a deed well worth 5 out of 5. Sometimes that’s hard to do – I compare it to household cleaners… sometimes you don’t trust those all natural, “green” cleaning products because you assume they aren’t going to be as strong. And sometimes you don’t trust a BBQ sauce when they decide to limit ingredients to things that are not manufactured and/or processed. Not the case here.


After my 100% objective tasting and review, I found other high ratings across the board:

Rated #1 in Health Magazine

Rated #1 by Newsweek Magazine

All Natural, Fat Free, Gluten Free & Certified Kosher / Pareve.

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  1. Patrick Ford says

    I have to agree! Try our Bone Suckin’ recipes for yourself at

  2. I love this sauce! I put it on some seitan and it was super tasty.

  3. Hi Julie! I actually tried one of Liz’s mushroom burgers the other day with Russ and Frank’s Sassy. Yummy. If I had some Bone Suckin Sauce I might have tried that instead…

    Patrick – if you are reading… have any new sauce flavors coming up??

  4. Patrick Ford says

    I am definately reading these great recipe ideas and can’t wait to try them myself. We are always in the kitchen working on new things. One item that you will LOVE is our Bone Suckin’ Mustard. Brian I’ll send you some to try.

  5. Nice !

  6. Patrick Ford says

    Did you get the mustard?

  7. Pat – I sure did. Thanks!

    What an excellent holiday surprise. Will probably bust this out on Christmas eve or Xmas day with a few pretzels. Down the road, I will be sure to reviews of the Hot sauce and the Thicker sauce as well.

  8. Larry Brand says

    Great Stuff, makes fantastic ribs or chicken, try the BBQ Bean recipe “Bone Suckin Beans”, you will be sold……….

  9. robert taylor says

    I make the best BBQ sauce known to man.
    I’,m looking to bottle it. What is my 1st step?

  10. Albert Cook says

    Try captain curts Famous BBQ Sauce out of Chicago, send me an address and I’ll ship you our four flavors of lemon honey, mild, hot and hickory, we’ve been in business for over 20 years and believe our sauce will rank right up ther with your best selection.this is a souther style bbq with a northern flair. i’d like to here your opinion since you seam to be a real bbq connoisseur. look forward to hearing from you.

  11. This is a great sauce. I am not a huge fan of grilling with BBQ because I usually end up with a blackened mess, but I found a jar at my local Cracker Barrel and decided to throw it on some ribs one evening. This is the best stuff I have ever tasted!

  12. Did they thin this sauce? I bought a jar recently and it seemed thinner than a jar I purchased a couple of years ago. The last jar I bought didn’t want to lay on the meat. It’s a great sauce but I am wondering if they changed the process in which it is made.
    BTW Mike put your sauce on maybe 5-10 minutes before the meat is done. The sugars in the sauce are burning your meat. Some people don’t even like putting on the sauce while it is cooking. I put my sauce on about 10 minutes before pulling it off and then another coat with about two minutes left, just enough time to warm up the sauce on the meat.

  13. Yeah, it is pretty thin. They do offer a “thicker version” but even that is a bit thin. This is one of those rare cases where thin sauce has enough flavor to win me over… and by the way – thanks for your comments.

  14. This is the very best sauce. It doesn’t turn into a “blackened mess” on the grill because high fructose corn syrup isn’t the Number One ingredient as it is in cheaper sauces. I keep thinking I could make this sauce and have fiddled around with the ingredients as listed on the label, but haven’t quite made it. It’s expensive but worth it. The recipes for using it call for putting raw meat in it and cooking in the oven but I always brown the meat first, makes a much better dish and I dislike the thought of raw meat swimming around in the sauce for a while in an oven at moderate temperature.

    I like the sauce because it’s not sickly sweet. When I have purchased cheaper sauces I always cook it in a pan and add chopped onion and some very good vinegar to take the edge off that candy sweetness. THey are now selling one labeled “Thicker” and I just bought a jar to put on my braised Boston butt now simmering in the oven. Great stuff, guys!

  15. Jo Anne Penny says

    Hello, I am trying to find a place in Las Vegas, NV that sells Bone Suckin Barbecue Sauce. I have bought it at Williams Sonoma in the past, but they don’t have it now. Also purchased it at an Albertson’s store but they don’t have it on the shelves now. I love this sauce and would really like to find it again. Please respond asap as I have promised my family some pulled pork sandwiches with Bone Suckin Sauce. Thanks so much, Jo Anne P

  16. David Law says

    It costs a premium for shipping, but the best BBQ sauces are worth the extra, no? I have just ordered some from along with a couple of other favorites. Never actually tried Bone Suckin’ before, but I have read enough positive reviews to order some.

  17. Loxinabox says

    The Picky Vicki line of products was born out of the desire to carry on the family’s award winning barbeque sauce recipe. So we are pleased to present to you our wildly popular, gourmet barbeque sauces and rubs.

  18. I had this sauce on ribs and it was so good I smacked my momma! I was told by my friend his mom found this sauce in Virginia? and gave it to us to use during a cook out Wow it is a must try!

  19. This is a very good sauce,we have used it quite a bit. It is a little thinner than I normally like but still delicious.

  20. I got this stuff at linvilla orchards in Pennsylvania about 5 years ago , couldn’t find it after that . Moved to hilton head SC and BAM two stores sell it here ! I’m happy!

  21. I love this- However the recipe seems to have changed its a bit thicker & not so sweet- GO BACK to the original receipe !!!!!! I checked the ingredents on an older jar I had & it WAS different- not happy- the new flavor can been found anywhere- I use to drive an hr to get it at a crakerbarrel & buy 5 jars at a time- now I could care less- PLEASE go back to a BETTER taste !!!!!!

  22. Frances & David Turner says

    My brother told me about Bone Sucking sauce several years ago . We love it !!! We could only find it at the Food Lion close by our home, It has always been the Very Best sauce more so than any of the others that we have tried, But seems like lately. you have changed up your recipe !!!! It is a lot thicker and my husband noticed it right away, He does the grilling and He thought maybe it was some sauce that I had previously made, It also seemed a bit Sweeter. So we bought another jar, but it was the same… my husband David called and talks with someone about this, and they asked me to go to the website and comment, I do hope you keep making the original ! It was definitely a hit with my family,

    • Kathy Hinz says

      I agree. I can’t get the original anymore. The last two jars I bought had a strong vinegar taste. I use this sauce for a dipping sauce as well as a cooking sauce. The new recipe is very different. I don’t know why they can’t still have the original available for their customers that di not like their new recipe. I just threw out 2 jars. I did not know the recipe had been changed.

      • I cant find the original either. this was the best sauce ever and they changed the formula I guess. I did not know. this either

    • I agree 100%!!!!! Please go back to the original!!!!

  23. I just bought some NEW Bone Sucking Sauce. Terrible, not the same. It was may favorite- no more! So very sad.

  24. JERRY SPOONER says

    tried bone sucking sauce and thought it was the worst sauce that i ever had no spice no flavor no heat it was like flavored water

  25. Cal macedo says

    I always use the sauce but The last jar I bought I actually thought had gone bad. I ended up throwing it out and will not buy it again unless they go back to the original recipe

  26. Deborah Lewis says

    Oh my, I thought I lost my mind until I read the previous comments about the change in taste!!! Used to buy case and take home to Pittsburgh but this last jar was true worst. I will not buy any more Bone Sucking Sauce and hope that the original recipe is used again and announced. Wondering if owner sold out and new owner changed recipe…

  27. K Thomas says

    I too noticed a drastically different taste in the sauce a few months ago. I emailed the company and the owner replied back to me that they were now using an organic/natural recipe. Said they recently tweaked it and sent me two “new” jars. Still terrible. Don’t waste your money until they go back to the original delicious recipe.

  28. I have been using this sauce for years. I like to put it on everything. I just purchased a jar and it was dark, thick and nasty tasting. I checked the expiration date and the label. I thought it had gone bad or that I accidentally picked the wrong kind. I don’t like it at all! Please go back to the original recipe!!!! PLEASE 😔

  29. You have to wonder why a company would ruin a very successful product, then not listen to its customer complaints, and not return to its successful recipe. This is the worst kind of arrogance. The “new”Bone Suckin sauce is terrible. Watch it disappear from the store shelves. Hope someone else publishes the original recipe. Where are you Patrick?

  30. Mike Galmukoff says

    I first encountered this sauce on a trip to Biloxi, Mississippi. This was back in 05′. It was the very best off the shelf sauce I’d ever had. About ten years ago or so they changed it. It’s now darker, thicker and is now terrible. Not sure what they did, they need to back track to the original, and go back to what caught so many of us!

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