Baltimore Barbecue Company Chesapeake Style 5/5


This is the second product in the Baltimore Barbecue Company line-up and what stands out is the classy label on the outside of the bottle and the bay seasoning inside the bottle to truly capture Maryland BBQ sauce in a bottle.


Outside the Bottle

This sauce has many of the same qualities of the original flavor with one major upgrade. Bay seasoning. Although you cannot immediately gather that by looking at the bottle, Chesapeake Bay = bay seasoning. I would rather see it be clearer instead of giving it a name without meaning – so indicate the bay seasoning somewhere.

I would put Chesapeake Bay Seasoning or put with Bay seasoning in small letters underneath Chesapeake Bay flavor.

Inside the Bottle

This is a great sauce with a flavor that captures the essence of Maryland to me. Seems like bay seasoning might be mixed in with “Aromatic Herbs and Spices” here.


The finished product.

Bottom Line:

To me, Maryland is the king of crabs on the East Coast. Growing up I have fond memories of making trips to Ocean City MD to eat crabs with Old Bay seasoning – I still think of Maryland every time I taste Bay leaves or bay seasoning. And while Baltimore is not Ocean City, I don’t think people will mind the stretch.

All I’d like to see would be some homage paid towards the Maryland crab industry on the front of the label.  Also – this is a stretch – I would be bolder with your names and flavors and suggest this one become your original while the regular one becomes KC Style. I’d also like to see a spicy variety.


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  1. OMG, best bbq sauce EVER!!!!!!!!!

  2. Roman Holland says

    Yes I love this sauce and ur original. I just found a place that I can buy again.

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