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This week’s review is on the BBQ Buttula.

The BBQ Buttula is a spatula designed for moving, flipping, and handling of large chunks of meat such as pork butts, briskets and ribs.

The BBQ Buttula is 8″ L x 6″ W, and is made of 12 gauge 1/8″ thick 304 stainless steel. The BBQ Buttula is American Made and has a handcrafted removable red oak handle.

For this review I decided to try the BBQ Buttula out on a 5 1/2 lb pork butt.

I woke up bright and early one morning and fired up another product I had received for review called the Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Grill.

Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro

I set the temperature on the pellet grill to 250º and once it reached that temp it was time to start cooking the pork butt.

Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro 2

Pork Butt

After about 10 hours of cook time the pork butt showed an internal temperature of 201º and was ready to be removed from the grill with the BBQ Buttula.

Pork Butt Done

The BBQ Buttula slid right under the pork butt with ease and I brought the pork butt into the garage to foil and placed it into a cooler to rest before pulling.

BBQ Buttula 3

BBQ Buttula 2

Pulled Pork

Final Thoughts

I first want to point out that the BBQ Buttula feels very sturdy in the hand. I can tell a lot of great craftsmanship was put into making this solid product. Plus I love the fact that it’s American Made, which is always a big plus in my book!

Like I mentioned above, I was able to remove the pork butt with very little effort using the BBQ Buttula. It makes for a great tool to have for easy loading and unloading of meats without compromising the bark on the meat or without piercing the meat. Plus it will keep you from burning your fingers!

The BBQ Buttula was very easy to clean with hot soapy water and the stainless part of the Buttula can be removed if you want to soak it in the sink before cleaning.

The superb quality of the BBQ Buttula makes it a product that will last for years to come and I look forward to passing it down to my daughter when she gets older.

This is a perfect product for backyard grillers all the way up to BBQ Pitmasters, so if you’re in the market for a product like this, be sure to check out the BBQ Buttula!

The BBQ Buttula can be purchased here.

For more information on the BBQ Buttula please visit their Facebook page as well as their website.

BBQ Buttula Logo

Make sure to check back soon for another BBQ Tools & Tech Review!

Jay Prince

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  1. i am going to leave the browser open to this page. I am hoping Ms. Goofy sees the BBQ Buttula. I will keep my fingers crossed because Christmas is seven months away.

    • lol Paul….That’s a great idea! I might try that, but I think I would have about 50 browser tabs open for my wife to see lol 😉 Thanks for leaving a comment Paul!

      ~Jay Prince

  2. Would u really spend $50 on this ??? I could just use a couple of forks or tongs,

    • Yes, I would pay $50 for this product for multiple reasons! It’s a handcrafted, American Made very high quality product. Also buying this product helps to support a small family owned business and a fellow BBQ Pitmaster who designed a great product that I will be able to pass down to my daughter when she gets older. In my opinion it’s well worth the price! Thanks for leaving a comment Kevin!

      ~Jay Prince

  3. I think that if you were to use a couple of forks and tongs you might as well just throw your meat and the trash because that is where they would end up any way because you dropped it because you were not using the BBQ Buttula

  4. Nice idea

  5. Once again you have steered me in the right direction with your review. The BBQ Buttula is a quality product and is a great addition to my bbq tools.

  6. where can we order this item?

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